Weird turn on

I'm a married man, and I have what I guess is a weird thing that turns me on was wondering if anyone else shares it with me. I get really turned on when I see men or boys checking out my 12 year old daughter, and I don't stop her from dressing in a way guys will look at her.



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  • Always felt same way about and with my hot older sister..Love when guys try to be all over her, make comments, tell her what they want to do to her amazing body and perfect (by her own admission) ass. She dresses sxy anyway, but, I've had her shown off tons of times.

    My guy friends love her, and, when she'd visit me in college years ago, had a habit of wearing skin-tight jeans, low-cut tops, and just enough makeup to be slutty, and going room to room on my dorm floor, looking for me. She knew well where my room was, but, loved teasing the guys on my floor and getting attention, for both of us. Her for being a sx pot, and me for who she was looking for.

  • Dont have a daughter but I love it when other guys wanna f*** my wife

  • You know there was a time that girls would be married or engaged by the time they were 12 or 13. It's society that's changing not men. God made females capable of reproducing at that age. It's society that decided it was wrong to think of them sexually. It's like incest. People consider having s** with your niece is incest even if she is from your ex wife's side of the family. There's no blood line there at all so how is it incest? It's just things getting carried away.

  • I am in the same situation, my wife has a niece on her side that is of similar age to us and I have a stronger connection and feelings for her, I wish I had met her first because I think she would of made me happier then my current wife does, but that's how the cookie crumbled unfortunately

  • My daughter is very pretty thirteen year old and i also get turned on watching her being eyed up she was sitting with me in the park and was a nice warm day and she was wearing a mini dress and i noticed she was opening and closing her legs, i noticed a man about fifty and he was rubbing is hand across the bulge in his trousers i think if we were i a secluded i think he would have got his c*** i felt sorry for him the only one who is going to get his c*** up her c*** is me when i get her home. she only does it to get me h****.

  • You are a sick father. You should be protective of your daughter as a father should.

  • She's 12. F****** call the police on yourself. Jesus Christ, what the f*** is the world coming to?

  • I enjoy my daugher being looked at by men also. I also would probably be looking at your daughter thinking some pretty naughty thoughts about her.

  • If my daughters were still that age I would love them to be seen in very short skirts by others.
    Its a sexy turn on I find.

  • All pedos here. I have informed the police.

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