Bath from mom

I was recently Adopted by my 48 year old female cousin. I am an 18 year old Female. I call her mom and Everything, it's wonderful! Growing up I never got hugs or kisses or any love at all. I want to kind of go back in time and "grow" up with her. I want her to give me baths like I am a child. Is this weird? I obviously won't have her touch me innapropriately but I want her in there. I also want to do an adult version of "Kangaroo Care" like I want us to cuddle with only Panties on. I just want to do all I can so we can bond together. Please don't just read this and go to the next, let me know what is going on in your head please! DO you thing this is normal, weird, Gross? I'll take anything.

Mar 27, 2012

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  • Umm it sounds more like u want a relationship with her in a sexual kind of manner...

  • My mother and I never had a relationship like that. It was always me for myself, but from what I've heard, I don't think the kangaroo thing is what normal mother and daughter do.

  • Are you looking for a girlfriend or a mother? Sitting in panties sounds odd for an adult - unless you're a couple. And the fact that she's your adoptive mother, doing something along those lines will most likely only further confuse you more. Hugs are always good. You're looking for a closeness that can and will develop over time. You're looking for something immediate. Bonding with someone is also about trust. You can't go back in time, you can only move forward. Maybe speaking with a family therapist about what exercises you and your adoptive mother can do to together can help you move through the past and fill the void you feel. Learning to love yourself can help you so you're not co-dependent or needy. Whatever happened to you in your past was not your fault. You deserve love and to be loved. The best way to get that is to sometimes tell those close to you what you a hug and positive reinforcement. This can also help you to develop healthy relationships and friendships for the future.

  • Thank you so much. I didn't think there was anyone left with
    common sense!

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