I've never done it before. I've never had s** or fantasized about it but all of the sudden this new guy comes to our school and it's really strange. I have these feelings that I've never had before, Feelings I never thought I would have. I hope someone else can relate.

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  • Liar not lier.

  • I'm gonna let you in on something that most people won't tell you - s** isn't the most interesting thing in the world. It's part of life, but not something that the whole world revolves around. [Well, I mean, in a way it does but not in the social way, more the science-y way :P] I've been sexually active for several years now and I'm happy about it, but I don't think about s** 24/7 nor do I think about boinking every person I see, or anyone really. I don't bother with it. I like talking about s** to people but more in a scholarly way than in a "dirty" way. I find it a fascinating part of life. But, in most senses, vastly overrated. It's just something you do that feels good and improves your connection with other people, kinda like eating in many ways. It doesn't deserve the crazy amount of hype it gets.

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