Valentines Day gift

Yeah, so I screwed up and forgot about valentines day. So the day after I tried to make it up to my wife of 7 years by going out and buying her lots of nice gifts. I bought her several expensive negligee's. Some massage oils, and a couple of toys, thinking I could kill two birds with one stone, by spicing up our s** life. Well nothing happened the first night, and then a couple days went by with no s**, then I came home and we were chatting and she told me how much she enjoyed her valentines gifts. This really p***** me off and hurt my feelings, cut we had already been having a lot of marital problems, and I was hoping to maybe reconcile with her, but instead she just f**** herself raw and leaves me out. So that was two days ago and this has been bothering me so much that I'm about ready to hang myself because my wife is a selfish c***. F****** women can be so f****** pathetic and hurtful.

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  • Valentines day is a ripoff meant to make money for card and candy manufacturers. If a woman is that shallow s**** her! I notice there is ZERO comment about what she gave you (rarely does the man get any gifts) so ignore the comments of the others. Take her toys away from her hide them where she wont find them and inform her that had valentines day been so special she would have taken part in making plans for it. This goes doubly for Anniversaries as well. This is just a double standard of hypocrisy that women use to make men feel guilty rather than to BE a couple, and is one of the reasons why so many marriages fall apart so fast these days. WOMEN NEED TO BE ADULTS and stop playing these games.

  • Agreed. I wouldn't have s** with a belated valentines day gift like that. If u want to get lucky with your wife, u need to respect her. Start with making her feel special. What does SHE enjoy? A book? Flowers? Dinner? A massage?

    Late gifts of that kind are for your enjoyment. You are not "owed a root" by what u bought. Maybe take time out to learn what your wife's interests are

  • What did she give him? there is no room for double standards!

  • Those gifts weren't for her, they were for you. You are the selfish one. And her thanking you for them was sarcasm. You need to do something for her that she enjoys. Believe me when I say your marriage is hanging by a thread. Or maybe its already gone and she wasn't being sarcastic and was telling you that she used the "gifts" to f*** another guy. You both need to sit down and have a serious talk. Start out with apologizing for the "gifts".

  • If they weren't for her she wouldn't be using them without him. You are just promoting the card holiday double standard. She needs a boot out the door, she didn't give him a damned thing did she?

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