Teen makes a mistake

a boy from school that i went out with this weekend asked me to give him oral satureday night in his truck at the park when we were on a date because i was on my period and didn't want to have regular s**. and now it's only mid-day monday at school and i have heard about what happened from not less than three other people in school! why are guys so f****** imature! it was between us, and no everyone else's business he even said "you can't leave me like this" (hard-on) when i wouldn't let him have s** with me, what a f****** a******!!!

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Ugh. Don't play into bullshit manipulation. Next time, just wait until you're ready, or until you've been in a long-standing relationship.

    That little boy was a piece of s*** for doing that to you.

  • well at least be glad that you didnt do anything with him because then u would really be mad at urself and guys are jus immature its hard to find one that knows that wat happens between yal should be kept that way

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