I only married him because he got me pregnant and I wanted a baby, but my husband is the last person in the world who should be a father.

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  • No one should ever ever ever EVER EVER EVER have babies for this kind of f***** up reason. No child born into this situation has an ideal or even acceptable upbringing. F*** you for doing this kind of hillbilly s***. Use a condom or be smart and get an abortion next time.

  • Men are only capable of loving themselves. Not a wife, not their children. Just themselves. That's why men m********* so much. All they care about is pleasing themselves.

  • F you. U are clearly a l****

  • Hardly. I simply understand men. I also understand you . . . and the unholy mess that you are.

  • Obviously you don't. If that's your understanding of men I truly feel sorry for you.

  • Man are all dogs...that's all any women needs to know about them.

  • My kids mom says such mean things about me and even calls me a sperm donor. I have a 50/50 custody arrangement with her and do the very best for our toddler sons.My first wife used to say such things and I ended up with custody of our two daughters from when they were 3/4 years old. They are getting done with college this year and they each have a son she has no connection with. I strongly dislike selfish inconsiderate people.I know my kids moms say such mean things about me because they are miserable,had a bad childhood and hate themselves.

  • You reap what you sow. Deal with it. Women like you make me sick. You are nothing but a user and deserve to be miserable. I only hope your child turns out better than you.

  • What a horrible comment this is. What a horrible person you are. Shame!

  • Whatever. This woman is a user who uses men like a sperm bank and then a bank account. There is no shame in speaking the truth. I am not a horrible person. I am a person who believes in dealing with the consequences of one's own actions.

  • Not only horrible, also a moron. Pray he doesn't having any offspring. The world doesn't need any more dickheads.

  • Just because you have a baby with someone doesn't mean you have to stay with them. A child doesn't and won't fix what's wrong with any relationship. You may get your wish of having a family, but it's probably far from the picture you have in your head. Some men are really great with babies and kids and others are clueless with what to do if you're gone for an hour. But if you don't think it's going to get better, then maybe you need to consider leaving.

  • i have one of those too. he loves me i guess but he really has no idea what to do with our 2 children so hes unbelievably clumsy and awkward with them and occasionally that makes him mean to them. the result is that he stays away from them and immerses himself in work. i guess thats good for me but its bad for the kids. i feel for you.

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