Dont want to write my essay.

My mind is elsewhere flowing in outer space. i'm supposed to wring my essay. but instead im writing and reading confessions. thank you so much everyone for sharing. it makes me feel not alone. i constantly have to be reminded that i'm not the only one who digs in herself, and over analizes and makes mistakes. i look at people and see only easiness in their lives. but you guys, by opening up give me a that reasurance that i need. i dont see through people, and wish i had. i think im selfish, as i try to make myself happy first, and i always try my best to be liked. life isnt easy. i have to write another 4 pages of my essay fml.

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  • Make an outline first, its easier to write when you know what you want to say and how'll you'll say it.

  • This is so funny! Iam doing the exact same thing. I have a research paper due in a week and here I am reading confessions. I hate research papers! Whats the point? I hate the people at MLA now. If anyone reading knows someone who works for MLA or is one of those people, Shame On You!Quit ruining students lives and write that "novel" you have been working on for years!

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