Banged at my friend's bachelorette party

I went down to the beach last summer to help my friend celebrate her bachelorette party. Long story short we all got really drunk and met a bachelor party there. Me and the other 7 girls went back to their place (there were 6 guys) and ended up taking part in several naughty games. I won the best ass contest where I pulled down my jeans and let all the guys feel up my naked booty as did the rest of the girls. Then we did the biggest d*** contest where the girl who won the best ass had to measure all the guy's d****. We all stuck out our a**** again while they jerked off to get hard and then I measured their d****. The biggest guy was 7.5 inches and was really thick. Well as the night went on everyone was engaging in some form of debauchery and mr. big d*** and I decided to go naked in the hot tub. We ended up making out and rubbing our hands all over each others bodies. I then sucked his d*** until he came in my mouth. We talked for a little while after that until he was ready to go again. I sucked his c*** hard and bent my award winning ass over so he could f*** me doggy. He pounded my p**** for a long time, in which I had multiple o******, before he pumped his second load all over my ass. Now I am married and I know you think I am a s***, but I think everyone deserves a one night pass every now and then.


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  • I was married to a woman for 5 years until I found out that on her bachelorette party she had a bunch of strippers at her party. When I had met her she had only slept with one guy. We dated for 5 years and on her bachelorette party she had 4 guys have full unprotected s** with her and the guys apparently took paycut for it. She basically whored herself out that night. Apparently there were pictures that I only found out about four years later. We divorced shortly afterwards for other reasons, but that sure as h*** didn't help matters much.

  • I want to catch up with you jenny

  • Good job girl. I'm 25 married f and cheat sometimes too. I'd love to share stories. Message me on yahoo messenger jennytime212

  • I'm just about 8 inches if you would like to be a little naughty again?
    I don't think your a s*** you just needed f******. There is a big difference between love and l*** so if you want another naughty f*** yurt do it.

  • I would have definitely been naughty with you

  • How does it make you a s***? I think its only slutty if you did it all the time.
    It's a good release being able to just give into l*** sometimes, im a girl so I can relate :)

  • Reading that made me rock hard

  • That story was f****** hot. I wouldn't mind if my wife had a hot f*** like that.

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