So now I have to tell my daughter she has a sister

I got a call from a 24 year old girl in Indiana the other day claiming to be my daughter. I dismissed it as a mistake at first but the more she told me about her mother, the more it made sense. I just knew her mother by a different name. A long time ago, just after my wife (now deceased) and I got married, we started experimenting with threesomes. She already had a girlfriend before and while we were married, and she and I had many threesomes, with her girlfriend and others. I had a friend who ran the largest adult BBS in town. He wanted me to join him and his girlfriend one time, and my wife encouraged me to try it. She said it would be a good experience for me and if they turned out to be OK (they weren't), then maybe they could be our first foursome one day. During the threesome with his girlfriend, I came inside her several times and she became pregnant, apparently by me. I never had contact with them again, but they raised the girl and I didn't even know about her until she called. No one is asking about child support or anything. I think her birth certificate listed the boyfriend as her father. But I SO don't look forward to having this conversation with my daughter, who is also 24. "Well, your mom and I were into f****** other people, and... Congratulations! You have a sister who is a little older than you. And I mean just a little." She knew her mother was bi-sexual. I had just hoped not to have to tell her the rest, too. :-(


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  • This doesn't have to be a terrible situation. It could all work out for the best. Your daughter is an adult. It may be a shock to comprehend at first, but she most likely will be able to handle this situation. And this wasn't something that was done to her out of spite. Be honest with her. You don't have share every detail, she probably won't want to hear that. But you were consenting adults and it happened and you didn't know. It will be up to her if she wants to meet this other sibling.

  • Bahahahaha! i remember my first beer too.

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