Choices choices choices

I am in love with a girl. She is my closest friend. I already have a girlfriend, the girl is already with someone. I think she likes me a bit, but am not sure.

Do I...
A) tell her that I love her despite it being too complex to work.
B) try to phase her out of my life to make things work with my gf
C) carry on as normal and see what happens.
D) keep her as a friend and try to supress my feelings.

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  • I going with (E) too.

  • I agree with (E).

  • BOLLOCKS B******!

  • Bite me!

  • UR H***


  • The point is............U.....R.....H***. That is all.

  • Oh. Okay. Thanks for the clarification.

  • You're welcome. You obviously needed it.

  • (C) is your best choice. Nature has a way of bringing together the things that are supposed to be together, and of further separating the things that are supposed to be apart. That said, don't allow her to develop the impression that you don't care whether or not you see her or hang out with her: make it clear that you like her (but not in a skeevy way) and show her that you are her friend. Just be with her and let her be with you.

  • E) The world is ran by a big c***.

  • Capital point, my Good Man! Kudos!

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