That i have bitched and complained about everyone whom i have came across with in life at one time or another, but i am also sick and tired of being sick and tired of everyone putting me in the middle of things. I live with my parents and I am 38 years old i have had boyfriends use and abuse me mentally, physically, emotinally. I am a confined person. I dont like anyone in my business and i dont like people gossiping i have to listen to that from my mother, I dont feel bad for they poeple like my nephew who expects and wants poeple to feel sorry me give me give me i expect everyone to raise my daughter attitude. he expects everyone give me feel sorry for me attitude if my siblings or I did that crap we would get hit. I confess i am madly in love with this man and i feel bad cause we had a falling out since then i have contacted oracles, tarot cards, psychics, and even the board ouija and i feel bad about it. I go to school come home take care of the house and what ever my parents want me to do clean the kitchen, bathroon, take care of the cats, dogs, and bird at times my mother and father all they do is complain and complain and complain and expect to give people money my nephews and my niece, and friend of the family, but she pays back.But they dont help or even offer to even say ill do this for you and ill help out no they just expect something in return I want this man to reliaze that i am here for him and want him back in my life it sucks not be able to talk to someone and i really dont have many people to talk to because they have turned there back against me I have been accused of so much lying, stealing, cheating, and doing this and doing that when i even dont know about it I want peace, happiness, stability. and understanding so i confess and need help for not only for myself but also for everyone around me

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