Kill my self?

I have never said this aloud and I have never actually put it in words.
I am 25 yrs old or young. It seems like everybody around me love me. Except I am thinking about taking my own life, everyday.

I dont know why. Im just thinking of cutting my veins and bleeding to death. So relieving. So peaceful. So easy.

I know what yall be thinking. But you're wrong.
I am not in love or heartbroken or love disappointed or anything like that.
Im not a deluded teenager or illiterate attention seeking idiot. Im well educated, will soon be getting my MA degree. Im not a looser either. Im not poor or socially excluded. Everything is just the opposite. I have lots of friends or well... I guess I cant call them friends because I dont tell them about my suicidal thoughts? Naah they're friends, good friends, but Id never burden them with these kind of things. SO yeah I do have people around me.
I have parents too, who love me a little too much. Other family and siblings care too.

But honestly...... these thoughts I can not escape from. This is the first time I said it. I would never have anyone from my family or my friends suspect that Im having these thoughts. I doubt they'd even take it seriously. Since Im always cheered up and positive.

Why am I writing it here then? I dont know. I felt like I had to say it somewhere to someone. Make some kind of note. A letter maybe. I dont know. Thats it then...

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  • Myself not my self.

    I'm sorry I couldn't help it.

  • Let me say this now, DON'T DO IT. From what you've wrote you sound like a well educated and intelligent person, so I'm going to be a bit more direct that I usually would be.
    To kill yourself, weather you have a good reason or not, is foolish, selfish, irresponsible and the cowards way out. If you have those thoughts, snap yourself out of it and/or get some help. As you said, people care for you. If you died, especially in that manner, would be devastating to them.
    I went through it when my friend attempted suicide, I never knew she felt like that and I was completely, emotionally, crushed. I felt that if I had known maybe I could have talked her out of it, that maybe if I was a better friend she might of opened up to me more.

    So at the very least, tell someone. Even if they don't take it seriously, tell them. It will hurt them all the more if you don't.

    Please, just don't do it.

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