Poison Ivy - rubbed his underwear with it

He's a p**n addict, goes to those "happy ending" chinese massage parlour and admits it.

Who knows what else he does.

Sooooooo................ I took his underwear and bathing suit and rubbed it with poison ivy. He's allergic.

Let's see if anything comes of it.....

Stay tuned and will update

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  • Ha yeah the itching powder will be great. Cant wait for the update.

  • If this is real then DAMN youre cruel im Highly allergic ta that s***, its gonna be BAAAADDDD but if you wanna make things worse after he gets the rash fill the underwear with Itching powder but thats just an idea My god i feel sorry for him

  • Lol you call them cruel and then offer a way to make it worse.

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