I feel like a joke

I like a guy and he has told me he liked me but that was a month ago when I was with another guy. Since then I broke up with the other guy and have been pursuing this new guy. He refuses to tell me what's on his mind about me or us but then at the same time he'll do things that makes me think I have a chance. We walked back from a party together and he held my hand the entire time. We've kissed fairly often and last night we had s**. Today a friend of mine told me that this guy is not interested in me at least for a relationship. I just feel like he used me. I mean he knows that I like him so I guess that's just an opportunity to get in someone's pants. I just feel like a huge idiot right now. I guess I'll have to try talking to him about this but he just always refuses to say anything. I've tried countless times to get him to tell me what's on his mind and he just won't. It's infuriating. I just wish he would tell me no it's never going to happen if that's really how he feels. It'd be nice to not be led on any longer.

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  • Happened to me in high school, once you're sexual with one boy and break up lots of guys want to take you out. Looking back I think some guys were only after s**.

  • You can't go back in time, you just have to move forward. Next time you meet a guy you like, don't sleep with him until you know what your relationship status is. If he takes off, then you know. If you're okay with FWB, then go right ahead. But it sounds like you're looking for a relationship, so hold out for that. You're worth it. Don't wait for this guy to give you an answer. It shouldn't be that difficult to tell you what he's feeling. And if he's this way now, can you imagine what a relationship will be like with him? You'll go bonkers because this guy can't express his feelings! Walk away from this guy, he's playing games with you. You can do better.

  • If he is using you, just move on. There are too many other potential, romantic partners in the world to waste time on somebody whose heart is not in the kind of relationship you want and should have.

  • I know you won't like this answer, but I say you should keep doing him and enjoying the s**. If that develops into an actual relationship, fine, and if not, at least you will have had some really really good s**. One caveat: don't stop dating other guys until you can see where this is headed with the new guy. S** is about fun, so go have some. Enjoy!!!

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