Does he like me or not?

I recently started dating this guy from work for about a month and a half now....... things were great for the first month or so. he flirted with me through texting, always asked me to go see him, but then things started to change once we had s**....... we're still dating, but things feel more casual during texts now. sometimes it will take him hours to respond.... i dont want to sound clingy or anything but this is still a fresh relationship and i feel like we should be texting more often..... but the thing is when we see each other in person, hes more affectionate. i've always wondered what he thought about our status because we've never really established until a few days ago. he mentioned that he never really approached girls before and that he doesnt have to at the moment anyways because hes already dating someone, which is me. how would i know if this really is just a casual fling to him or not?? im too scared to ask him about it.... because i dont want him to think im clingy, but we had s**.... and i dont want to find out that hes only using me for that... a part of me feels like he does like me, but a part of me feels like he doesnt.... or is it still too soon to think of all this??? i just dont want to waste time with a guy who just wants to mess around.....

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  • Prior to having s** he was 'courting' you. Now that you've had s** he probably figures you're offically a couple and he doesn't have to try so hard. It's not that he doesn't care, as you said he's affectionate enough in person, he just thinks the 'impress the girl' part of the relationship is over. If you want to be 'courted' a while longer you need to let him know he's still on probation.

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