I'm going crazy.

I am an 18 year old male and I am the most sexually frustrated person on the planet. I've only had s** 3 times with 3 separate girls. I have so much sexual energy I sometimes i can't take it. P*** only makes it worse. A couple weeks ago I was at a party and there were these 2 chicks that were there together and my buddy went off with one of them and I went off with the other one and we're all twisted as f*** and we're gettin hot n heavy and then she just flips a f****** off switch or some bull s***. Cut me off. I don't know if I did something wrong or what. So I got a little persistent and apparently tried to "rape" this girl, according to her. But her friend said she has a tendency to exaggerate things and she's kind of a s*** anyways so I shouldn't feel bad. And the thing is, I just want a meaningful relationship with a girl. I don't want all these one night stands I wanna settle down. My relationships end up being one night stands dragged out over a month and a half. I need advice.

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  • Uh, no does indeed mean no. Just because you were h**** doesn't mean you get to get "a little persistent." Perhaps you should work on your people skills and rely on your hand for a while. You say you want a meaningful relationship with a girl, but the words you used in your post say something very different.

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