Too hot to break it off

I'm a married man, and I've been having an on-again off-again affair with a married woman for about 5 years. Several times I've tried to break it off, but we always end up getting together again. The problem, from my perspective, is that she's too hot - she craves me, she swallows, she squirts loads of ** juice when she **, and she takes **. My wife doesn't do any of those things. I know I need to break it off - but how can I give that up??

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  • Dump your stupid wife.

  • So who do you love, your wife or your mistress??

  • To be fair, you need to make sure you have communicated to wifey that you need more sexually. if you've expressed your desires and there is no medical reason for her not explore sexually with her husband and she chooses to remain boring as **-sexually, and only wants plain old vanilla ** then continue giving it to her that way. don't feel bad it doesn't mean you don't love her. also, don't break that off with the girlfriend as she has a roll to play as well. her loving probably makes you a better father and husband because your not frustrated with your wife's lack of being open to pleasing her husband. you're going to get some silly women answering your post calling you selfish but your wife is just as selfish. you remain a good family man, provider and husband but get your thrills in as well as the girlfriend and everyone wins. :)

  • Yeah, there's a world of difference between a woman who gives the impression of "putting up with" **, and a woman who is wet with craving - so hard to give up!

  • You're severely messed up you cheating player. Men like you give bad reputation. ** yourself And I hope you have the guts to tell YOUR WIFE

  • I'm in the same boat. My wife is a good woman and I feel bad for lying to her, but I wish she was more open to doing stuff like the ones you talk about. My wife doesn't like blowing, doesn't like doggy-style, and often finds an excuse to not have **. This other woman talks to me dirty, rides me like there's no tomorrow, gets wet as soon as we kiss, and keeps telling me that I can do to her whatever I want. *sigh*

  • Similar story... I'm in my late 40s, been married forever to a woman who thinks (and always has) that any sort of oral ** is absolutely disgusting. We never kiss (passionately) by her choice, and she doesn't like to have her kitty touched except for plain missionary **. She rarely ever leaves the house except to shop. Meanwhile, I have a girlfriend who craves my lips and hands, etc., and we can't get enough of each other. Sad but true. I really do think that some women are just wired very differently.

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