I read all of the 'you forgot me, stopped talking to me, ignoring me - bad best friend - dont deserve me' confessions on here, and I think that NONE of you are willing to accept you did something wrong. I know its nasty to say and I know people are gunna hate me for it - but ACCEPT YOU DID SOMETHING WRONG. There are problems on BOTH sides.

Me and my friend we didn't accept what the other said was a problem, just found a way to blame it on the other one. I'm completely socially crippled now and every time I think of it I cringe or get embarrassed or want to scream or cry, but at least I can sit down, and openly admit there are two sides to a story, and that there is always a REASON why you block people out of your life. I ignored her and branched away and she's done the same to me in response. I'm watching another group of friends go through it right now and they're completely oblivious to their own faults just constantly blaming ignoring each other on the other party.

Christ if you could just sit down and say HEY I'm not perfect, I could feel sorry for you. But I can't stand people who say "oh they did it for no reason". There are always reasons. You don't just ignore your best friend.

I did it because I could not cope with being constantly in the wrong. Because my friend wanted me to accept the burden without accepting any of the problems I informed her of in return. I made my mistakes, and I now desperately avoid making them with my new friends, and I'm sure she's doing the same with hers.

But seeing you on here "oh it was for no reason."

It is so infuriating, because I'm sure that their side of the story is just as anti-you as yours is. And I wish people could just realise that.

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  • Almost 5 years and no responses. I think you nailed it...

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