Living with Mental Illness

I married a woman who takes medication for her mental illness. She has two children from her first marriage who are also mentally ill. Sometimes they take their meds, and one of them is a pot-head. When she and I first got together, her kids were pre-teens and at first I overlooked the issues because I loved her and thought I could deal with it, but I am now being driven INSANE by them.
They are now in their late teens and the verbal abuse she puts up with from both of her children is appalling and I am supposed to turn the other way because of their illnesses.
I support both of her kids financially because their drug addict of a Father wants nothing to do with any of his three known biological children.
I came from a relatively normal home and have been a hard working adult all of my life. I see these selfish lazy thankless idiots suck their Mother and I dry of our money, sanity and vitality and want to throttle them both and kick them out on their a****, but her overriding enabling maternal feelings for these parasites keep then here.
I often feel I need to pack it up and leave for my own financial, physical and mental health regardless of the love I have for my wife.
I often wish I didn't marry her in the first place and blame myself for the situation I allowed myself to fall into.
If there is such a thing as Karma, I should have won the Lottery by now so I can buy a secluded island to make my escape.

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  • I would of been gone if you got 3 people in the house and 2 of them that disrespect the mom and she is not setting ground rules then you need to go .
    Mental illness is not an excuse to act poorly they are not trying and smoking pot and not taking meds. just proves they don't want to get better .

  • I just got home from work and still have my scrubs on-I work at a mental health hospital.From what I know,you can control mental illness with medication but can never cure it.You have 3 mentally ill people to contend with.I don't know how long you have been married but if you think they are going to wake up "normal" one day,think again.You are going to turn insane soon, and you will be the 4th person in that household.You will be sucked dry financially and otherwise and you will eventually need state help or die poor.You have done your part;JUST MOVE ON and NEVER LOOK BACK. good luck.

  • Your leaving may well become an absolute necessity, so that you don't get dragged to the bottom of the ocean with the rest of this ship of fools and its crew; thus, you have to be prepared to do that, and I'm very sorry to say it. But before you begin planning that escape, you have to have "the talk" with your wife (if you've not already done so), and explain that you're going to leave -- and take all the money with you -- "IF". If she and they don't get professional help, ALL OF THEM. If the parasites don't stay with the program, and not just use it as a means to get alternative drug therapies. If they don't start behaving like semi-responsible semi-adults. If they don't start carrying their own weight, "because I'm not pulling their sorry drug-addled a**** anymore". Harsh? Absolutely. Deserved? Totally. They are, ALL OF THEM, using the drugs (whatever they take, prescribed or not) to avoid the inconvenient and frequently unpleasant realities of the world and of their own lives. "Reality is here, guys, right now, and you're going to start dealing with it, ALL OF YOU. You can do that with me, or you can try it without me, but I'm done with enabling the enabler and watching our little Titanic split apart and sink. D-O-N-E." You have to say it to them (after telling your wife that you're going to say it, and that you mean it) and then you have to do it. This will be much harder for you than for ANY of them. And though you won't feel this, and they'll never admit it, you'll be doing them a big favor. ALL OF THEM. Somebody has to be the adult.

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