Two gay teachers committed suicide

They were a married couple and after being accused of sexually molesting teenage boys they killed themselves.

Well, I agree. They did the right thing. The teens won't have to describe their abuse in front of a jury and the teens know that the pain the teachers went through gave them the teens a measure of justice.

You could say they were cowards for not facing the music but being dead saves a lot of time and tax payers money.

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  • Faggots shouldnt b let teach

  • Even if guilty they only went 4 bit of ass not very bad

  • Being accused is different than guilty you sound a little dim buddy :)

  • If they were found guilty I'd maybe agree with you, but accusation without the proof all being looked at doesn't mean much. Also this has nothing to do with them being gay, and that fact probably didn't even need to be mentioned.

  • How can you say it's the right thing if you don't know that they actually committed a crime? You said "accused". That is not proof of them committing anything....The whole part of the justice system is Innocent until proven guilty.

  • Yeah, but don't forget the last lynching was in 1981. A torch wielding mob doesn't need evidence, just a focus for hate.

  • Assuming they did it?

  • Thank you random poster. Assuming doesn't mean anything.

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