I like my wife's slutty thoughts

Sometimes you don't know what turns you on until you figure it out in life. I love my wife to tell me all her sexual adventures she has ever had. I love hearing about the guys that have f***** her. I love hearing about the 16 guys or so that have fingered my wife. I like when she tells me fantasies of getting f***** by other guys and by me. I love her massive sexuality and it turns me on.

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  • Wow! This could have been written by me. I love hearing my wife tell me about her sexual past as well. My wife was really slutty in college. In her first year, she f***** or sucked nearly every guy in the house. We met when we were 40, so there with A LOT more guys after college that she tells me about as well. It turns me on tremendously to hear the details, and I have now told her of my fantasy to watch her with other guys.

    She isn't opposed to the idea, and actually gets really turned on sharing her stories and hearing my fantasy.

  • Count me as well. Totally turned on listening to her past sexual encounters. She was an adopted child and started early rebelling against a super strict religious enviorment.
    Left home to become a flight attendant for a major airline and proceeded to f*** her way through the world. I met her when she was on a layover and we were in bed 2 hours later. No love just pure l*** and sexual release. I also was extremely active so we really had nothing we could bring new to the party. Between us we had done it all. Being married opened up new areas to explore however ( watching her with another man/woman.

  • Has she had any sexual adventures while you have been married to her?

  • R u joking she has fuckd half the town mostly men but a few girls

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