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I don't get why kids in Middle School are so eager to start dating. I know puberty has a part in it, but does it ever occur to them that they're under 15? A friend of mine ending his freshman year (he's a year ahead of me) has had four girlfriends since 8th grade. I'm a little...bothered by that. Not that HE bothers me or anything, we've been basically been friends since I was born. All I'm saying is that there's no need to rush into the dating phase, I personally feel that 15 is the best time to start thinking about relationships. Not that I'm ever getting a girlfriend. Why? First, no girl would ever go for me. And second, you know how sometimes your teachers ask you where you see yourself in 10 years? Some of my classmates see themselves as pilots, engineers, or even athletes. I see myself in a helicopter, clutching my rife as my team prepares to assault an enemy position. I see myself as a United States Marine. Thinking about a girlfriend back home could distract me from my mission, and distractions are the last thing I need on the battlefield.

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  • Are you nuts, kids have sexually experimented with their own family by now and will hump anything that moves. And you wonder why they want to date?

  • I understand completely! I'm a 15 old girl. Never had a boyfriend nor a first kiss... Embarrassing but whatever. It's not that I havent had people interested but I don't think it's as important as keeping up my grades! I was also think about joining the military last thing you want is distraction. :)

  • At 15 I ask a girl to hook school with me. We went to the woods by the park for the day. We had s** that day and used no protection.
    Week later I talekd her friend into hooking school with me. you guessed it, I got some of her that day. I did her most of the day, she was willing snd ready. N owork required.
    Both girls started showing before the school year ended. You guessed it again, I got both pregnant with in the same week.
    Worry about school and get yoiur education.

  • Well i kind of blame the school why dose middle school have school
    dances ? It's like they push you to date ..
    And yeah if your going to the Marines last thing you want is some girl back at home cheating on you .

  • The Navy ROTC at my High School has a Military Ball each year; luckily, we're not required to bring a date.

  • Can you skip it I did on mine hate stuff like that it's so fake

  • Little confused, a freshmen in collage is a year ahead of you, yet you have kids 15 years old? sounds screwie.

    I don't let me kids date alone before age 16. Unless we or the other childrens parents are there, no movie or event. after 16 can be at our house, in the living room alone. Parents in the next or bed room. Can car date alone but to and from the place they are going. No parking and no school night dates.

  • They all want to start dating because they all want to start f******.

  • You're very direct with your opinions, aren't you?

  • Are you sure you're in Middle School? You sound very mature for your age if you are. Any girl would be lucky to have you. You might want to reconsider your intended career path though.

  • A lot of people say that I've got the mind of a twenty year old. But why should I reconsider enlisting?

  • In my HS we have a ROTC air force it gets you ready for the Military plus you get extra credits if you join.

  • I've got Navy ROTC in my high school, I signed up as soon as I could when I learned about it.

  • Those class fill up real fast , I got one more year in HS then I am off to
    boot camp I am very pumped and ready to go .

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