I like to wear diapers

I'm 16 and male and I like to wear diapers still. They make me feel safe. There's nothing more that I want than to be babied, especially when I'm stressed out.

May 11, 2014

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  • They are cute diapers

  • I love wearing diapers

  • I'm a big baby too. It started when I found out my mom has always had nappies on, but for medical reasons. It made me want to wear diapers too. Sometimes she would just sit on the couch in her diapers and a Tshirt. (I've heard of girls doing that, but with panties and a Tshirt).
    When I got my own pack as a teenager, I came out the next time she was lounging out in her diaper and a Tshirt. I was in mine and she laughed a little. We then watch a romantic comedy together.
    Mother and Son bonding.

  • Find somebody that will indulge you, someone sane and safe who cares about you genuinely. I will never judge you for your fetish. [I will only judge you if you bring your soiled diadies out in public and assault my nose. I'm going to assume you are more sane than that, so feel free to p*** yourself all ya want, my friend.]

  • Your OK. You are not the only one. It is though a lonely fetish. For me anyway, I am hardly likely to say to any of my friends hey I like wearing a diaper.

  • Look up infantilism. There's nothing wrong with it.

  • Goo goo ga ga

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