Stuck naked

As a teenager I thought the most embarrassing thing that could ever happen would be getting caught with no clothes on. Thought the odds of that happening were extremely unlikely till it did happen. Took a shower at a sport complex and got caught soaped up bare as naked by three young teenaged girls that had sneaked in. Had my eyes closed while shampooing my hair and then saw them sitting on the bench on top of my clothes. Totally un ashamed, they just sat there giggling looking at my p****. Flushed with embarrassment I had to rinse all the soap while suffering the humiliation of ending up getting an erection. Didn't even think of covering up and left with no other choice but giving them a strip show before they all ran out. I never saw those girls again, but I still remember how thrilled they looked.

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  • I was 18 when my 15 year old sister caught soaped up in the shower. She just sat there looking at my d*** telling me Mom was at the neighbors. I had no choice but to finish my shower in front of her and the embarrassment of getting a h******. Asked me if I often j*** off at night under the covers thinking of naked girls, while she sat there playing with her p****. She was a hot little b**** dying to have s** but to young to have a boy friend. I knew she was worried stiff about my Mom finding out. So the next time my Mom went for her usual chit chat with her neighbor, I caught her naked in her room, I laid her back on her bed with her legs spread wide and sucked her p**** while playing with her small t***. I remember she turned into Jellow when I licked her sweet pink p****, lifted her up by her legs, fingered her butt hole and spaked her for being a bad girl. I think she had her first proper o*****, never told my Mom and shes just dying to do it again.

  • I once saw a drunk girl in a party stripped naked by her girl friends and laid out on the back yard lawn. I remember her p**** was totally shaved and could almost see her cllt. Talk about and embarrassing hang overs.

  • I went on beach outing with my friends. Found out I was the only girl not wearing her bikini under her clothes. "We will hold up a towel around you while yo change into your bikini" my girl friends told me. I remember stripping down to nothing and hading them my clothes. That's when they took off runlng and stranded me bare ass naked in the middle of the parking lot. I remember burning with shame watching women shocked about seeing me stark naked and their husbands drewling over my t*** and shaved p****. By the time my so called girl friends handed me a towel, I had already humiated my self in front of bunch of people. Now all their boy friends know what I look like naked.

  • Till this day I don't know if I got raped or just fumbled. All I know is that I'm sure I didn't drink enough to black out and waking up later sprawled out naked with girls snickering watching guys sexually enjoying themselves. I remember no one made any effort to help and only seemed to be aroused by my embarrassing situation. I remember picking my clothes off the floor, putting them on in the bathroom and leaving in a rush. The horrible thing was that I felt so abused and humiliated I never said any things, because it was to embarrassing to talk about it.

  • I had herd stories of girls being drugged and raped, but never crossed my mind that it would happen to me. Just had one drink and ended up naked in a room field with guys taking turns having s** with me. The strange thing about it, was that I knew they were having s** with me but somehow didn't think it was real. Reality or dream just didn't make any sense and not even sure that it happed. In fact I don't even remember my clothes being taken off because Ieft the party with them on.

  • Honey you got something mixed in your drink. I happed to me in a party. Blacked out, woke up naked strpped to a bed with a beer bottle between muy legs. Some girls helped me out, but sure they were pretending to hace nothing to do with it. Then the added humiliation of my clothes disapearing and ride back home rapted in a towell. What did I do? Nothing except the memory of the experience and keeping it secrete.

  • I was 16 when I got my bathing suite yanked off in front of a group of girls that were sitting by the pool. I remember those girls calling me over to ask me something and didn't suspect they were all in on the prank. I walked over to see what they wanted and as I stood in front of them felt my swim suite hit the ground. In a matter of seconds I ended up bare ass naked in front of laughing girls with their eyes glued to my d***. Couldn't do anything else but reach down, pull them back up and walk away totally humiliated. Never left a swimming pool so fast in my life.

  • I remember I was in my second day of college sharing a room with another girl in the college coed dorms. I'm sure my room mate was part of the prank or initiation, whatever you might call it. She was the only one that could have left the front door un locked. It was about 2am in the mourning when a group of girls pulled me out of bed, stripped my nighty off, carried me out of the room and dropped me at the end of the hallway stark naked. "Welcome to college" was the last thing they said as they stood watching me running back to the room laughing at me trying to get the door open. I remember knocking on another door out of sheer desperations and finding myself face to face in front of guy telling his room mate at the top of his voice "hurry there's a naked chick out here" That nighty I found myself in a public hall way exhibiting myself nude in front of crowd a guys yelling "free p****" pulling my arms away to look at my private parts. I can't even describe how shamed and naked I felt and the anxiousness of not being able to do anything about it. I reached a point where I just didn't care if they were looking at my p**** or t*** and guess those girls decided they had humiliated me enough to let me back in the room. I dropped out of college the next day, rather than to face a whole year of shame.

  • I was 15 when my own sister humiliated me in front of boys in a camping site shower. We had gone trekking in the mountains with boys and girls from school and came back sweaty and covered in mud. The shower held three at a time and was first come first serve. I remember my sister had already showered and was out side with girls chatting with a group of boys when I walked into the shower. There were two other girls in there showering with me, when suddenly my sister walked in with her girl friend telling her "let's drag her out side naked. The two other girls just stood there laughing watching her pulling me by my leg and her friend by the other and didn't do a damn thing to help me. I panicked when I saw myself outside stark naked with boys telling them "dragged her over hear so we can all see your sister's p****" I almost died when I saw those boys having a party looking at my p**** with my legs so wide open they could see all the way to my exposed butt hole. She did that because she was two years older than me and a lot of fun embarrassing me in front of them. I had never ran so fast into a shower room in my entire life. I was the take of the whole school for moths and nickname "pinky" because of the pink color of my p**** lips. I became the most embarrassed girl in the whole school and tease about almost every day.

  • I once went to the beach with out wearing my bikini under my clothes like my girl friends did. My girl friends back up the car towards a wall, open the trunk lid and told me "do it there" I remember putting my top on and facing having to take my jeans and panties off. "Come on do it quick" they kept telling me. Flushed with embarrassment, I tossed my jeans and panties into the trunk and watched them drive off living me stranded there in my little top and bare ass and p**** exposed to the world. That day I had to say "sorry" to a group of guys that did nothing but look at my bare ass and p****, while watching my girl friends driving around in circles laughing their heads off.

  • I also made the mistake of no bikini under my clothes and found myself with the dilemma, of how was I going change into it in the middle of public beach. I guess I lucked out because it was a week day, early mourning and hardly anyone there besides the group of friends that I went with. Remember walking up the beach with two of my girl friends searching for a place to change far enough to get away from our male friends. Felt so embarrassed about taking my clothes off in broad daylight and horrified about my girl friends running away with all my stuff. They picked up everything, told me "have fun" ran back down the beach and stranded me stark naked behind a bush that hardly served as cover. The male hunt began soon after and also the long naked walk back, escorted by a bunch of guys checking me in all the right places. I displayed everything that mourning and almost melted away with shame. The ridiculous part was that I had to laugh right along with them in an attempt to play it down.

  • My girl friends once lifted my skirt, pulled my panties down and spanked me right in front of boys. Got 15 smacks on my bare butt, finished by spreading my butt cheeks to exposed my whole crotch. The worst part was, know boys have pictures of my gaping butt hole and p**** and being passed around.

  • I remember bathing in the river during a camping trip. Girls did it up stream while we boys did it down stream. Felt great washing all the sweat and gunk off after a two day of trail walking. I soon discovered my so called friends had stranded me bare ass naked and all my stuff had disappeared. Next thing I knew was Victoria, Helen and Sherry sitting on the river bank saying "nice d***" I know we were all friends, but having to walk out searching for my clothes in front of them and unable to keep my d*** down was extremely embarrassing. Spent half hour trying to get my clothes back with three girls having fun groping me and my so called friends laughing at a distance. Reached a point where I felt so helpless and stranded I almost got hand jobbed, witch was what they intended to do for the start. It was like having a foursome with three fully dress girls sexually turned on trying to m********* me. No shame, just pure fun and l***. Not even my own sister had seen me so naked.

  • Public showers usually have some sort of baffled entrance for easy access. On top of that your forced to shower completely exposed because showers don't have curtains. Any one can just walk in and out whenever they please. Can't think of a better place to catch someone in the buff. I once got stranded naked in one of them, because someone had stolen all my stuff. I can't even begin to explain how embarrassing it was getting out of such humiliating ordeal. Since then I made it a point to stay away from public showers.

  • That happed to me in the public showers of a sport complex where I used to play tennis. I remember someone walking in witch turned out to be two teenaged girls, that just stood there giggling looking at my exposed p****. Don't bother to cover it, we've already seen it" and the took off running. Happed so soddenly I didn't have time to feel embarrassed about it.

  • Saw that happed to a boy in school. His friends took his clothes and towel while he was showering and told my girl friends and I to walk in on him. I remember we went inside, sat on the bench and watched him naked shampooing his hair with his d*** in full view. !Wow! I had never seen such an embarrassed boy in my whole life.

  • Baffled entrance and no curtains on showers is what makes naked pranks so easy to do. We did it to a girl in our school. She thought of herself as God's female gift to the world, till we stole her stuff and stranded her as naked as the day she was born. Nothing better to wipe off her vanity than to let boys in to look at her. Laughed about it from three weeks and so humiliated she never spoke a word about it.

  • I have always felt apprehensive about bathing in public showers. I was 15 years old and even when there were just girls walking in and out, I still felt embarrassed about it. I knew girls in school were having fun telling boys about witch girls looked hot naked, so I tried to do it quick and get out. One day these senior girls pulled me out of the shower laughing about my small t***. They dragged me towards the front door, asked a girl that was just out outside if the coast was clear and pushing out stark naked. I remember them slapping my butt saying "show your stuff" and found myself totally exposed in front of a small group of boys. I can't even describe the embarrassment of having these boys groping my t***, spreading my p**** to look inside while these girls held me laughing their heads off. I remember the experience just lasted less than a minute but enough to get thoroughly viewed. I had never been bullied in such a humiliating way and so embarrassed I didn't want anyone to find out. What made me mad, was they all got away with it and I was left to deal with the shame.

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