My brother came home naked

My 15 year old brother got stripped by some older boys that dragged naked in front of girls just for fun. He told my Mom and me they threw his clothes in the river and force him to walk home two blocks with no clothes on. Now he refuses to go to school, because half of the girls that saw him naked are from his school. I know it's true, because my girlfriends are all talking about his **. Boys just don't know when to stop.

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  • Who would like to be stripped, or help to strip someone

  • Yes please

  • I like stories like these.

  • A similar incident happen to me while bike riding near my house. Got my bike stolen by a group of teenagers and ended up having my clothes taken off in front girls that were with them. Five sleazy looking girls groping me and saying I was enjoying it because my ** went hard. After a few minutes of utter humiliation they told me "good luck going home naked" and ran away. Waited in the bushes all day and sneaked back home under the cover of darkness. I think none of the neighbors saw me, but embarrassing when my Mom and sister saw me come in **. Shameful having to explain it all.

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