I touched my wife in her sleep using her toys

When my wife is asleep and I'm feeling h****, I love to side a vibrating but plug deep in my ass and slowly touch and rub her all over, the though she out of it sleeping is major turn on for me, I lay behind her grinding my hard c*** against her ass reaching round to her p****, making her lick her fingers in her sleep, I w*** over her ass coming all over her tight round hole before fingering in my thick s****

May 24, 2014

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  • When I lived in the same house as my hot older sister (and even sneaking into her first apartment), I'd do the same; Just have at her in her sleep, especially if she was out drinking that night. Started off easy, with palming, fingering, tasting, and stripping her, but then, experience and guts got the best of me and I started using things on her..Candles, a baking whisk, and sometimes, as I loved her long nails, her own fingers with mine. More than a few times, I spewed all over her naked tummy, filling her navel with my personal fluid. Got away with it the entire time. Then I moved an hour away, and pretty much, that was that. Although, two years ago, I stayed at her house over a weekend, and revisited my practice. She's still sweet to the touch.

  • I wish someone would do that to me

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