Brotherly Love?

Sometimes I think I hate my brother. He's smarter, funnier, more popular, more talented, more athletic and just a better person than me. It's not his fault he's gifted and has a strong moral compass, but it hurts that I'll never measure up. I can't even be someone he looks up to as an older sibling because he has surpassed me by so much. Why can't I just love him like I should?

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  • Admire him and try to be more friendly with him.. Have a healthy competition.

  • Being the older brother sucks more than you think. Here's the thing, if your constantly comparing yourself to others you'll find that you just never measure up. But it's not that you'll never measure up to those people per se, but to your own standards that you see in others around you. I'm an older brother and I know my little brothers think about me sometimes in this way but I look up to other people around me in the same way you view your older brother. Just food for thought.

  • Stop comparing yourself to him. And most importantly, stop competing with him. Stop putting yourself down. You are your own person. You each have your own gifts and talents to share. He probably does look up to you as his big brother. If you aren't happy with where you are in your own life, then you have to find a way to change that. That has nothing to do with your brother, that's on you. Figure out what you enjoy or what you're good at and then go for it.

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