I am Meow

Alot of people get annoyed just because i spam up your posts but the truth is I dont know any better its true I used to ride the short bus im a complete tart and im only 14 yrs old i have e.d and it forces me to bother all of you and i have an embarrassing crush on mike myers miley cyrus is out of my league and i post about her in hopes of her rejecting me if you hate me leave comments i accept hatred and love humiliation

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  • Go kill yourself

  • Mule.

  • Mmmmmm mike myers slap with your used condom while miley cyrus spanks me with a fish....im not a man baby

  • You're not 14. You're not a female. You've never ridden a bus. Not once have you posted about Miley Cyrus. And you do not love to be humiliated. What you are is retarded. And a h***. Go away and play in another litter box.

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