I may be an addict

I think I am addicted to p***. I am a girl and I blame this on a couple of my friends. First my best friend who is also a girl who introduced me to p*** then my really perverted male friend who taught me everything and went into great depth. I also may be a pervert.... fun

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  • Everybody that vists the internet is will attract addicts that are going to be addicted to online p***,seek help while you still can.online p*** is not the answer to making your self happy.there are many other ways to use the internet to make yourself happy.online p*** is not the answer to making yourself happy.seek other ways on making yourself happy,online p*** is not the answer to making your self happy.try online gaming instead.

  • Welcome to the club, but I think that happens a lot.

  • Nah you might have just been a normal dude in another life. Perfectly normal.

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