More common than you think.

I have been in a sexual relationship with my mother going on 15 years now. It began when I was 28 and she was 49. My step father was dying of cancer at the time it began, and although there was some guilt about what we were doing initially, it turned out to be the best thing that had ever happened to us.
After my stepfather passed away, my mother asked me to move upstairs with her, and from that night on we shared the same bed frequently for nearly five years. My mother is still the best lover I've ever had (even better than my wife), and she claims as much as well.
No one in my family knows, but my youngest sister is suspicious, being she has nearly caught my mother and I a few times. We were in a committed relationship for about 5 years before we both decided that if we wanted to continue being intimate with each other we had to live apart for appearances sake.
We don't make love as often as we did, but we still make time to meet in private. My mother never fails to tell me how I will always be the first man in her life, and she still doesn't clean up when I finish inside her, being she knows that is what I like.

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  • *reads the title*

    Wait, what's more common than-


    thanks internet.

  • I think you are suffering from an extreme mental illness caused by your mother, your mother sounds extremely sick in the head..this is not need to see a pychiatrist immediately, what she has done to you is called 'sexual molestation', sounds like you have been sexually molested by your mother from a young age so you began to think that is normal, this is NOT NORMAL! you are a very mentally sick man, and so is your mother. If you told a pychiatrist this, just be prepared for a response similar to mine or worse then mine

  • My friend and play mate became the man of the house when his brother left. His brother enlisted in the marines to escape his mother. She would drink every day and demand sexual satisfaction. My friend was a young teen when the first request. I thought he was telling a lie, so I walked outside the house. Looked in her room, she lay there legs wrapped around him as he stroked her to o*****. If he finished before her, she laid him on the bed, gave him oral until he could preform again. She insisted he finish in her every time. Being a young and h**** kid, I wanted a turn. She refused for fear I would tell someone.
    I sat in his room many times waiting for him to finish her off, so we could go paly ball or go fishing.

  • Well, after the second time we had s**, the issue of pregnancy did come up. My mother told me at 45 the doctors told her she would be unable to conceive due to a condition she had.
    5 months later my mother ended up getting pregnant at 50. I know it's hard to believe, but it is the truth. She ended up having a mmiscarriage just over 3 months, and she has never gotten pregnant since, right up until she hit menopause.

  • I am sorry to hear about the miscarriage,you could have sired your own brother or sister!Why do you think your mom got interested in f****** you?Has your wife suspected that you f***** your mom? How is the relationship between mother and sister-in-law? Is that the only relative you have f*****?

  • What if you had made her pregnant? Is this phenomenon really that common?

  • You're both consenting adults, and I think it's great that she's still sexually active in her 60's.

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