My mother will never see me as I want her too.

My mother has stated again and again if I were even to change my pronouns, I'd have to be 18. Sadly, I know even when I do transition, she will never see me as her son. I've asked her again and again to use he/him with me, but she always says she can't because its too big of a change, and she has always seen me a girl. Every time I try to talk about my dysphoria to her it results in an argument, and me losing. My therapist only agrees with my mother, and won't call me my preferred name. It's mentally taxing to carry this with me and have no one to tell, even when my mother says I can talk to her about all my problems.

Feb 18, 2021

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  • Well your mother will never see you as she wants to remember who she gave birth to

  • Hey dumbass, did you spend your teenage years battling the urge to f*** women and fight guys? No? Then you have no right to claim identity of an entire group that you have no experience living as. Don’t want to be a girl. Fine. Just don’t claim to be something you are not. You are not experiencing dysphoria, your therapist (trained in that stuff) even knows it. You’re just acting like a typical spoilt kid.

  • B**** nobody asked you transphobic ass f***

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