Inconvenient erections

For the last 5 months every time im around my mother in law i get the most unbelievable hardons. i get hard fast and i stay that way the whole time im around her. at first she didnt notice but now she sees it and smiles but dont say nothing. im afraid something is gonna happen between us and soon. i cant f*** my wife b/c all i think about is her mother.

Mar 29, 2012

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  • Please get some English lessons. Double negatives make you look uneducated.

  • Yeah I would f*** my mother-in-law if she would let me but she won't.

  • you've tried?

  • After staying single for years and years, I finally got married to a MUCH younger woman (19 at the time). I'm actually a year older than her mother, who is absolutely the hottest b**** you'll ever see. Unfortunately, she and her current husband live in another state, but she and I are extremely close and incredibly attracted to one another, and though we've done nothing beyond the occasional hand work and oral, it will inevitably happen. I know that because we've recently talked seriously about ending our current relationships when I retire in four years, and then being together permanently. I think about this woman every day, and with far more heat and desire than I think about her daughter (my wife). This woman also has the hairiest p**** I've ever seen in my life, and I've seen a lot of them. My wife waxes hers, and I used to love that, but now I'd rather have her mother's hairy one.

  • My advice is to not initiate anything yourself, but if she makes the first move, go for it. And enjoy yourself, dude. And don't stop at just one time. Keep hitting that, because she evidently wants it.

  • I admit that sometimes, when I'm f****** my wife, I close my eyes and I imagine that that I'm actually f****** her mother.

  • I had a VERY similar experience with my mother-in-law. After months and months and months of increasing tension between us -- winks, smiles, innuendo, and "accidental" touching of private areas -- I found myself in a situation where even V***** left me limp when I was in bed with my wife, and thinking of her mother at those times didn't make me hard but just made me disappointed that I wasn't with her instead of my wife. I finally convinced myself that the only way I was going to get the M-I-L "out of my system" was to go to bed with her, and I really believed that I could do that with one session of love-making. I set up an intricate array of lies for both of us and both of our spouses, and got her to go to with me on an overnighter to a B&B in another city. After a nice candlelight dinner, we went to our room, undressed and got in bed. As we lay in the dark, naked, kissing, touching, she finally reached down and wrapped her hand around my c***, and after only a very few seconds said, "I don't want just a little of this, honey: I want it all." It was the best s** I'd ever had before, and it's the only s** I've had since. I moved out of the house, lied to my wife about the reason so as not to ruin her parents' marriage, and have been giving my M-I-L exactly what she wanted: "all". I keep myself for her, and we get together whenever she can get away from her husband. And I'm happier than I ever was with my wife.

  • My mother-in-law is a nasty piece of ass, and I still get like you do every time I'm in the same room with her. She's been married five times, she's cheated on everybody she ever married, and she's had several STDs. She embarasses my wife and the whole family with her nasty behavior and her revealing clothes and the way she flirts with every guy she meets. Still, if she would let me, I would have an affair with her. In fact, if she would have me, I would gladly be husband number six. Unfortunately, she's never done anything except occasionally flirt with me and then move on to somebody else. My wife hates her mother, but I f****** WANT her.

  • You are a perverted sinner headed for H***. You need to get f****** saved and get your ass into the Bible. Keep your Devil controlled mind off your mother-in-law's t*** and go the f*** to church! Otherwise, your ass is Satan's.




  • Oh, I bet you were f****** your dog when you wrote that. Go scratch your ass now.

  • Lord, forgive this piece of s***. He knows not what he does.




  • P.S. The Lord just laid it on my heart to tell you something. He said, "Go f*** yourself.'

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