Made Hard

When I was a young cadet of 16, I shared a cabin with the senior cadet who was 19. We were together on that ship for nearly a year mainly in the tropics
in the East. This was long ago, pre aircon days. Cabins were very hot. After work or watchkeeping we would reals smoke, chat read, or just chat. Clothing minimal for coolth, usually just under pants. Boys talk about s** and my senior obviously noticed that when the s** talk reached a certain level I developed an erection, it was quite obvious when wearing nothing put a loose pair of pants. He obviously started to enjoy making me hard and watching me try to adjust position so that my hard was not visible. Ater a bit he used to tell me to fetch something from a locker so that my hard c*** would be very clearly visible when I was standing up. At that age I was probably what would be considered a pretty boy, almost hairless and this probably excited him.sometimes when I got up to get something he would pull my underpants down and there would be Percy pointing at the deckhead. It got to the stateg where it actually became agame between the two of us.

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