When I was 17 I was at sea as a cadet, there were 2 of us aboard, I was the junior. The ship was trading mainly in the tropics, it was hot and it was a longtime ago, well before air con became the norm. In the evening we used to sprawl about in just our underpants to keep cool. reading, smoking chatting, that kind of thing. I was I think a pretty boy at that age, smooth, no body hair. I think my senior on these long womanless trips started find me attractive. I cant say I was attracted to him in any way though. In the evenings we talked of s** often and he had started to stare at my crotch, this staring started to make me stiff, quite obviously so as I was wearing only underpants. It became a bit of a game with us, him trying to see how long it took him to make me hard, it was quite funny in a way. One night he turned in, he had the lower bunk. I got up and put of the cabin light then I had to get into the top bunk, this involved standing right up against the bunks. As I did this, his arm shot out, grabbed me round the waist and haled me into the bottom bunk, I was left sitting in a half crouched position, with his arm holding me frimy round the waist, I struggled, he was much stronger than I was and I was in a very awkward position. H e sis I want you to jack me off, I said no repeatedly, so he said ok I am going to jack you off, he pulled my d*** out of my pants and started to pump it with his free hand, I fought a bit but as the feeling in my d*** grew, the effort became half hearted, then I shot my load.Now he said you will jack me off, I still said no so he grabbed my d*** again and started rubbing it, took longer this time but I shot my load again. He laughed and said go and clean up and turn in. I did, I was ashamed, confused, but I knew also that when he made me c** I had enjoyed it too. The next night I kept on my uniform shorts. My senior said take them off, or I will, he could have done too, so I took them off, now he said pants too, and I did, I was naked and against my will my c*** had stiffened he told me to stand up in the middle of the cabin and and he started pulling my d*** down and then letting it spring up again, what he was doing almost made me c**, but not quite. Now he said w*** it, I am ashamed to say I dis so and after a bit shot all over the deck. Ok he said get that mess cleaned up and turn in, I did. The next night he said are you going to jack me off or are we going to have more fun, weakly I said ok I will do what you want. There was no sodomy involved, he wanted me to suck him, but I would not budge on that.
This went on until a few months later he was signed off and a new cadet arrived.

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  • Wow you could have sucked him off and swallowed his salty load. I would have pleasured him properly. just sayin... Do you regret not giving in to him more?

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