Cruise ship cheating

Last summer, I went on a cruise with my family. My boyfriend and I (we are both 21) and my brother and his best friend (who are both 19) stayed in the same room together to save money. I have always had a crush on my brother's friend and we have casually flirted with each other in the past.

The first night of the cruise my boyfriend and I had s** while my bro and his friend were out at the night club on the ship. The next morning my brother and bf went to the gym while the friend and I hung back in the room. He told me he was going to have blue b**** all trip if he was going to see me walking around in my bikini and underwear the entire time. I felt sorry for him and told him I could help him out if he promised not to tell. I also was really h**** and wanted him anyway. He thought I was joking until I pulled down his shorts and started to stroke his d***. I had him lay down on his bed and got some lotion. I then gave him a nice handjob until he came all over his stomach. I told him if he was good I might give him something more during the next few days.

He was very quiet and discrete about the whole thing and so every night my boyfriend and I would f*** and in the morning when he went to the gym with my brother, I would have fun with the friend. The cruise was 7 days, so the next two mornings I gave the friend b******* and let him c** in my mouth while I had my shirt off so he could see my big t***. The rest of the mornings I f***** him bareback and let him c** in my p****. We had to be quiet and fairly quick in case anyone came back, but it made it more exciting and I came so much. He loved watching me bounce up and down on his d***. The friend and I have not f***** since because he went away to the navy but I still get wet thinking about this trip. I am still with my boyfriend and he has no clue what a s*** I was.


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  • Send me pictures of your naked p**** and ass so I can j******* thinking about you

  • A great girlfriend!

  • I want a nice young guy to take me on a cruise!

  • U are a great litl w****

  • I want to make your boyfriend, my best friend ;-)

  • You have a problem with your morality. A serious one.

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