My husband's brother

I f***** my husbands brother. I actually f***** his brother before I f***** him, back when I first met the two of them about 6 years ago. I met his brother first, then met him, then f***** his brother, and then him a few weeks later. I connected more with my husband, we where friends first and hung out all the time, I started having feelings for him, and it killed me when he started dating my neighbor. It was an apartment complex and her door was right next to mine and I could hear them talking through the walls. She was older than him and a nasty s**** if you ask me. She was also a thief and ended up stealing some s*** from his grandma so he quit seeing her and she ended up moving so i didnt have to deal with her anymore either. After that he started coming around more and I started staying at his house more and more and eventually left my apartment to live with him. 2 years ago we got married and we have 3 kids now. During the time when he was seeing my neighbor, his brother would come over from time to time and we would hang out,get f***** up and have s**, then the next morning he would go home. My husband has always known about me and his brother back in the day. But he thinks it was only one time and that was before I ever slept with him. When actually it was a bunch of times before I first slept with him and a few times after i first slept with him...and then once since we have been married. I couldnt help it. It was always just a sexual thing with me and him..thats why I didnt marry him. In fact, there are times when we dont even get along. But still actracted to each other. He lives right next door. Once, before we where married, i was at his house with my husband and my husband went home to take a shower and I was so drunk I just couldnt help myself. I got so h**** sitting there talking to his brother, remembering what a big d*** he has and rememebering that how much bettter he was than my husband in bed. My husband has never satisfied me sexually. He is little and cant last long enough for me to get off. Anyways, when he went home and Im sittin there getting wet thinking about his brother...I kissed him...and got rock hard I could see it through his jeans so i unzipped him and sucked his d*** and then started feeling bad, and told him i was going home before it went any further. Then about a year later me and my husband got into this huge fight and his brother called me knowing about the fight trying to get me to ride to the liquor store with him so I did and I ended up sucking his d*** again on the way there. My husband never knew I went anywhere with him cuz after the fight I left and went driving around town and after talkint to his brother on the phone, i met him in town and got in his truck. A few days after that his brother came over and we where all hanging out and i was sitting there thinking about his d*** again and how I wanted so bad to do more than suck it. I wanted it inside me baaaad. Then, my husband got called into work. As soon as he left I jumped on his brother and ended up f****** him in our bed. After that, we didnt talk to each other for a long time. (me and his brother) I felt horrible and still do. Me and his brother have never messed around again and havnt talked about the time that we did. We just both kinda act like it didnt happen. My husband doesnt have a clue. Thats beeen a while ago now. But I would f*** his brother again and think about it all the time even though I know it would just make me feel like s***. Sometimes I think about cheating on him with somebody else, nobody in particular just think about maybe finding a f*** buddy online or something who isnt his brother. But I would probably feel just as bad even if he wasnt related to the guy. I love my husband. He is the only person I have ever really been in love with. And if his d*** was bigger and he could f*** longer, I would have never even thought about cheating on him with his brother or anybody else. For 6 years now...everytime I have had s**..its been with a little d*** for maybe 2 or 3 mins and thats it. Except the one time I slept with his brother. Thats been the only real d*** I have had in 6 years. My husband gets me so dam wet and ready to f*** and then I just get let down every time and I am left to do the job myself. D***** just arent the same though. I want a real d***. I just wish my husband could give it to me. I dont want to cheat for the excitement or because my husband doesnt turn me on or because im just a nympho. I only think about cheating because I know thats the only way I will ever get to be satisfied by a man and IT REALLY SUCKS cuz i dont want to be a cheating w****, I really dont. But its either that, or sacrifice my own needs to be faithful. What should I do?


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  • Bullshit

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  • Tell him

  • I know The Feeling not with my brother inlaw. But with my cousin in law my causin wife he's a workaholic. Fantastic my sister he always busy p***** at my cousin in law she with hold s**. So she come to best lay I ever had she eat P**** like someone gonna still it. It's been for 3 yeaars they been married for 10 years no children she want them but my cousin to busy. I never got a long with my cousin he always bashing the LGBT community so I don't feel bad i don't wanna be in a relationship with her it just s** for me. Sorry if my English isn't good it's not my first language.

  • So she complained about that girl being a s*** when herself always have been one too! God, so funny. XD

  • I seduced my husbands arab brother when we stayed in one house.. my husband is always tired so he doesnt get to f*** me everyday.. i know his brother has a thicker d*** according to my husband.. i intentionally m********* in the living room and moan his name one time we were left alone.. i know he saw and heard me but he is shy because he is a muslim.. why did my husband ever left ud alone.. i was so h**** i am desperate for a d*** inside my hole.. i couldnt take it anymore so i entered his brothers room and saw him fapping his erect rock hard arab c***.. ohh i got wet easily.. i went to him and grabbed his hands to my b**** but he pushed me away that didnt stop me and i said i know he is hungry for me. he said it was wrong.. but when i kissed him he gave in.. he grabbed my b**** and f*** fingered my p****.. i couldnt wait so i told him to put his p**** inside me cause my p**** is aching for his c***.. i remember his c*** sliding and grinding my hole.. its a lot bigger than his brother.. i made him c** inside me.. i want to f*** him again if i have a chance.. i hope he goes off work so i can seduce him again to breed me.

  • Good girl

  • Don't cheat just leave him that's the far thing to do.if he ever finds out it will destroy him

  • Leave him? You're an idiot. The people that get so uptight about s** being between husband and wife only are the same people who b**** about having a boring s** life after marriage. There's a difference between f****** and making love. Married people make love but should be free to f*** others with each other's knowledge. It's just s**. Why is it such a big deal? She obviously loves her husband and is happy with him but the poor b****** can't give her a basic human need. She has two options. Be honest with him and see what they can work out together or keep cheating discretely. Obviously the first is the better option and if he's a real man, after his feelings are done being hurt he'll do whatever he has to in order to satisfy her, even if all else fails and it comes to him letting her stray. If he wants to be a pansy about it than he deserves to be cheated on and she should do it. She's a good wife who loves him but she deserves to be satisfied too. If he can't do it and won't work with her it's his fault and I hope she keeps getting away with it. Personally, I think she should make this same confession to his brother and a good brother would f*** her to keep her satisfied but safely with someone she can trust. He would also be able to keep it in check so she didn't get out of hand and fall for someone else. As she said, it's strictly sexuak between those two.

  • A******* like you should rot in h***.

  • I have f***** 2 brothers and their dad; not at the same time but at different times... with the dad being the last and the best f*** of my entire life. Anytime that 60yo calls and tells me he is h**** I get wet - instantly.

  • My kinda woman

  • Your neighbor that he dated was a nasty s**** yet your the one f****** his brother while being married to him? Your both skanks lol

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  • How come a woman that cheats is the worst person in the world worst than a child rapist, but a guy cheats then its like "hey the wife of the guy deserved it she wasnt pleasing him the husband couldnt help himself" id stab the b**** my husband f***** and id make my husbands life living h***.

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  • YOu don't want to be a cheating w****? You already are a cheating w****.

  • Here is a tip. Stop being a f****** w****.

    Problem solved.

  • Ok, here it is. Leave your husband ASAP. Why? Because you don't really love him. If you truly loved him the size of his d*** wouldn't mean anything. I don't know why you think you do, there are many possible reasons (familiarity, afraid of being alone, etc.). But the truth is (with the only exception being family), that if you don't have respect for someone, you don't love them. And you're being very disrespectful of your husband, whether he knows about it or not. And the last is for you. You neither love nor respect yourself. That's why you're risking a relationship you think you're a part of.

  • You people are all morons. Sexual satisfaction is a basic human need. Contrary to popular belief, it IS possible to fall in love with someone who can't satisfy you sexually and when that happens, they should talk about it but most don't and instead turn to cheating which is only a bad thing because their partner wasn't given a chance first. As for the actual act of having s**, lighten up. It's just s**. If he can't do it for her, they can still have a happy loving relationship but he needs to make sure she's satisfied, and if he can't do it that means letting someone else.

  • It's so hard to know what to say because you feel guilty, but you still want to do it. I know it is incredibly hard when your spouse can't do it. I've had some awful medicine that makes me lose it a lot but my wife really wants to remain faithful, so I finish her off. I'm thinking of getting off this medicine just so I can satisfy her again. Again, I'm so sorry! I'm not really sure what you should do, but the guilt is harder to deal with for me. I did some things with another married woman once and it has really damaged our relationship long-term. Maybe talking to your ecclesiastical leader, if you have one, or someone else, could help.

  • You are calling your ex neighbor a s**** you are one.

  • There's nothing wrong with f****** his brother, or even having an affair for that matter. You should just go talk to your brother in law, tell him you want to use him for his huge d*** and that nothing more will come of it. You love your husband, that's great, but that doesn't mean you have to doom yourself to a life of endless sexual satisfaction, you need to be satisfied too.

  • Yu need to get a divorce, then you'd have s** with anybody you want to, unless you don't work, you need a place to stay, think before you act, there are lots of sexual diseases out there, would you want to give your husband a disease, like AIDS and hepatitis C, there are lot more out there, you think the guy going to tell you he have that, no he won't, if left up to you?

  • Cll me

  • I you aren't getting what you need at home, you have to go elsewhere to get it. That's not a choice, and it doesn't matter what other people want to call it. You have to go elsewhere. Stop with the on-again, off-again relationship with the brother-in-law, and stop vacillating about f****** him. He's there. You want him. He wants you. You're GREAT together. F*** him. Constantly.

  • Gd that is an exciting arrangement and exciting circumstances. you should totally keep the affair going and even ramp it up!

  • Fr what its worth i like the relationship youve developed with the brother and i realy think it should continue permanently. i think if you let yourself think of the cheating as being fun and let yourself realy realy realy get into it you would love cheating and would cheat even more than you already are. dont let the brother get out of your life or out of your bed. be careful be discreet and be aware but dont be without that d*** the man has. get on that m************ thing and stay on that m************ thing permanently. your a woman with needs and you should be having those needs met by a man who can meet them. your husband isnt that man. his brother is that man. dont let this opportunity just sit there next door and go unexplored and untapped. get that man and f*** him and keep on f****** him.

  • Well things have been different between brother and me every since that last time when we f*****. I think he felt just as guilty as I did. I know he did. And im sure still does, as do I . He works all the time and when he isnt working, he doesnt spend much time at home. When he is home, I only know it because I can see his truck in his driveway. I never see or talk to him anymore. I think his guilt probably causing him to avoid me. Which, is fine by me because anytime I have been around him, it just reminds me of what happened and makes me feel bad all over again. I cant believe I did that. I slept with his brother, after we married, in our bed. I say that I would do it again, but really its more like I like to fantasize that I would, but really I probabably wouldnt. It made me feel so horrible. I had never cheated on any one before untill these 2 brothers came into my life. I have been married once before and I was miserable (not because of s**) and I didnt cheat on him. Maybe because I never had an opportunity to. But I would like to think thats not true. I truelly believe it is wrong and I know I could never keep an affair going and not feel guilty about it. I would never be able to truely enjoy good s** if I had that guilt hanging over my head.

  • Kll yourself.

  • How about oral s**? Maybe with the proper training and encouragement you can develop that aspect with your husband? Maybe he can be your own private s** slave....

    Or.... work some dirty talk about fantasies into your s** life with your husband and eventually work it around to his brother (after all, he knows you two were together in the past). It can slowly morph into some kind of group thing with your husbands brother (and his girlfriend for your husband?).

    It would take some work, but that way you can have your cake and eat it, too. Hmmmm.....

    You really should not continue on with his brother in secret, when that kind of thing surfaces it won't be good, and the longer it goes on the worse it will be......

    All these ideas are more work than just having spontaneous s** with your husband's brother, but you get a bigger pay off.

    Or you could just take the safe route and do nothing..... but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  • I have had this fantasy myself actually. Him allowing his brother to f*** me. He would never go for it though. And his brother doesnt have a girlfriend. Hasnt had one in the 6 years ive known him. He has some serious commitment issues. Thats partly why things never went any where between him and I back in the day. He only came to my apartment when he needed somebody to drink with or f***. He made a point of making it very clear that he didnt want anything more than that from me or anybody else. And that seems to be the way he still is now, cuz he still hasnt had a girl friend since Ive known him. I know he did back in high school and college, but not since I met him. Anyways, I know he would never go for the threesome with his brother and I dont think anything else will happen between me and brother anyways. H*** I havnt even talked to him in 6 months probabbly and he lives next door!

  • Be a cheating w****. It's a lot more fun.!

  • Yu said that now, what happen your wife or husband cheating on you? what you said now, (what)???

  • I think the perfect solution to my problem would be finding a way to convince my husband to let somebody else f*** me while he watches or joins in. I would love that. I know he will never be able to satisfy me and i think he knows it too. I know its not his fault and I still love him, but I NEED SOME D*** DAMMIT! I feel like I know exactly what blue b**** feels like, and Iv had it for 6 years now!! Surely, he cannnot expect me to just accept that I will never really be f***** again. I think he probably expects that I will cheat on him eventually. But thats really not what I want to do. How can I convince him to let another man inside me? How can I even approach the topic without him getting severly p***** off?

  • U can feel my d*** I'll stretch it all the way open I mean it

  • Get him to have a three way with another girl and the girl uses a big strap on, one way to get it in his head that you want a bigger one

  • Ecuse me, but just exactly what the f*** are you saying? Wait...................never mind. Whatever you're saying isn't worth knowing.

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