Made a mistake i feel

My neighbor's son has made passes at me for many years. I have told him he is to young. He turned twenty and ask me again. I got weak and took the offer. I was a virgin when I married. My husband I don't think is very good at s**. I wanted to see if it was different.
I told him to be easy like my husband is with me. He was and it got feeling good. He got faster and got a little rough. I told him I had enough but he had not finished. I held on while he finished. It took a very long time and I got very sore. Today I pee and it burns, I can not sit in the kitchen chair. I will not do that again. He tore me up pretty good. Will stick with my husband and let him do what he does for me. I hope he will not be able to tell. We have s** on Saturday night every week.

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  • Drink some cranberry juice - the burning suggests a urinary infection - and be gentle with yourself, he might have been too rough and injured you a bit. It sounds like he took advantage of you, it would be wise not to engage him again.

  • You obviously like the young d***. You need to go get you some more of it.

  • very sexy. keep it going.

  • What you did was exciting and risky, and I love it and encourage you to try it again. If you like young men, there are PLENTY out there that want to hook up with more mature women like you. You need to start going out and finding them, and do as many as you can. You're going to have sooooooooooooooooo much fun!

  • I am not taking him again. My husband ask me why I feel strange down there. We had s** Saturday night and he said it was not normal.

  • You'll get used to the rough stuff. And then you'll like it. And then you'll love it. And then you'll need it. And then you won't be able to live without it. Trust me, I know what I'm talking about. But the best thing, is you'll soon start to love cheating. That's the best thing about affairs. It's all the cheating. God, how I love it so!

  • Omg. Stop writing comments while jerking your d***. It's painfully obvious you typed this one handed.

  • The rough stuff makes me v***** sore. I think I know what a f*** is. He f***** me and f***** me hard and long. I think he did some changes inside me. I dont want my husband to know. Saturday night he told me I feel strange inside.

  • Burns? Have you been check for a std?

  • Yep - that young stud gave you a case of the clap. And now your husband is going to find out because you just gave it to him. Get yourself tested; I hope I'm wrong, but if I'm not, tell your husband that you were weak and wondering what s** with someone else would feel like and that you made a mistake.

  • No disease, I have had my Dr test me. I explained the situation to my Dr and how it feels. He said the size of this boy would make any woman hurt. He said the p**** size was far beyond normal.
    Will stay with my husband, my lesson is learned.

  • Well now you can say "you're f*****"

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