Hypno-wife Prt 2

Hey everyone, last time I posted i talked about me and my wife seeing a hypnotherapist for her body insecurity since then she's been so much better and shes gained about 40 pounds and loves showing off her curves, we've been going to the therapist for a month and a half she thinks its for our relationship and its not im having the doctor slowly drop her IQ i saw this treatment on tv about 2 months ago and really found it sexy its known as dollification or bimbofication the s** is amazing and couldn't be better he taught me how to put her under but only for certain things, she still has basic knowledge like cooking, cleaning and the bathroom and when i leave work i call her and say her keyword when i get home shes sitting on the couch naked waiting she only listens to me....-plumplvr

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  • That is one of the most despicable things I've ever heard! she trusted you and you took advantage of her for your own sick pleasure! you and your corrupt "therapist" can stick it where the sun don't shine and GET OUT OF HER LIFE! she deserves so much more! and you deserve to have your ass tossed out on the street for being a manipulative a**h***! if you want a bimbo, then go get a bimbo! don't ruin her life and happiness because you're a selfish d***!

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