My sister was my best friend

She changed when she said people followed her. She changed when she ran out into the dark at night scaring me as my mom screamed and chased after her. She changed when she didn't remember anything. She changed when stopped speaking. She changed when she urinated on herself because she couldn't go the the bathroom. She changed when she looked at me and all I saw was someone else. I cried the first day and I still cry when I'm alone because she was my everything and now I don't know her anymore. I hate myself for not visiting her but I can't stand to see what shes become. I hate that this happened to her but shes getting help now. I hope things could just go back to the way they were but after everything we've been through it's only wishful thinking. I feel guilty every second of everyday because she's in a psych ward and I can't help her. Even though she is the oldest I've always help her. I feel hopeless.

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