Being used as a toilet.

I'm a guy and for the last few years I love it when a chick uses me as a human toilet. Squatting down and p****** and taking a s*** right in my mouth, I love it!! A few chicks even forced me to swallow it all, some using their foot to force it down. It's very kinky and greatly turns me on, h*** I even had a guy force his c*** down my throat and start p******! Just love it!!

Jun 20, 2014

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  • I know a guy that likes to lick womens' a******* (a***'). When we go to the skanky strip club I'll f*** some dirty stripper/h***** (with a condom) and he'll pay them the same amount of money to let him lick their a******. He doesn't even care if it's clean or not. Not my thing, but he usually buys the beers so I keep my mouth shut.

    As for eating p*** and s***, again, not my thing, but more power to ya!

  • I rather you do that then be a child molester so have fun with that .
    I have seen videos of this kind of stuff and I almost threw up . Not my
    kind of thing at all !

  • You might need to seek help bro.

  • How does the s*** taste? Lol don't you gag or throw up when feces are getting shoved into your mouth? By the way I'm pretty sure you can die from that. Just be careful

  • I always wanted to p*** into someone's mouth. Just to watch them swallow my pee and then laugh at them afterward. I wouldn't mind s******* on someone either but into their mouth would be too gross. To me s******* on someone is the most degrading, dehumanizing, humiliating thing you can do to someone. I would so love to do it to someone! I'm a guy though.

  • You're lucky that you've found your calling. Being a toilet is a wonderful experience, and it's the most intimate of all sexual relations. Enjoy yourself.

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