I slapped my wife last night

Been married 26 years and I have never put hands on her before. Something snapped in my last night, I know it was due to alcohol. She was going on and on and wouldn't leave me alone about taking my son's phone away. Out of the blue, I slapped her. I feel so bad and almost suicidal over what I have done. I know she'll never forgive me.

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  • Well what is over is over ,learn your lessons from it,i mean your past is a lesson not a life long sentence.you need to very calmly talk to her and confess to her regain her trust back and if she's doing something wrong or something that hurts you tell her that but calmly and make sure that by the next morning you guys are a happy and loving couple again .sure there are fights but they should be handled in a healthy way

  • I am loving the "yeah man, u hit her, keep going" trolling coming from the incel population. As if a woman besides your mommy would allow you to be within any kind of touching distance. Go eat your hot pockets, children!

  • Once you slap a woman she will know who's boss. I suggest slapping her once in a while just to keep her in check.

  • Lol

  • Slap that b****! She needs it

  • Once you hit a woman she will never feel right with you . Now I know what it's like to have someone in your face and won't back away but then you walk away from it go outside , go in the bathroom and cool down stop using alcohol as an excuse be a man an admit to your wrong doing .

    Oh and if alcohol is to blame for lack of judgement then I suggest you stop drinking alcohol forever !

  • I think you should slap yourself silly.

  • Slap her again tonight. Get in the practice of doing that at least once a week. I promise you: by Labor Day, she'll be better behaved and your house will be happier.

  • What the f*** is wrong with you? ^^

  • You did not do as what people considered a great wrong to my wife, first I discovered her in an affair with an old Boy Friend, I used the excuse of him laying hands on me to pretty much hurt him so bad he will never return. When my wife grabbed me to try and stop me I slapped her into a corner, and continued to hurt her boy friend. I was placed in a stress center for anger management. Two weeks latter I came home to find my wife getting ready to go with a friend of my fathers to a republican political dinner.
    My wife had refused me for decades, I discovered her with another man, then come home to find her getting ready to go out with another. I ripped the dress off her, I felt I was owed 30 years of refusal. I took what she had denied for so long, I heard her beg, She said she would meet any where I wanted after the event, we could talk things out That was a no go from the start, I did not care that the pass cost the guy 1500.00. She begged not like this please not while you are angry, I said 30 years of asking, begging talking I was talked out, I said there is a 31 year note due and I was calling it in and on this note there is no bankruptcy. I took what was owed. The man She was supposed to go with did not like me standing in the way when he came with me telling him she was indisposed, and would not be going, he tried to push me out of his way. I set myself and grabbed him by the back of his neck and threw him of my porch over the rail into the drive face first. My father was furious my wife wont agree to go with another man to any function after this memorial day, My mother says that I have instilled terror in just about every one. She says she understands but somewhere there has to be some forgiving. All I ask now is that I am not pushed out because I am crippled, That I don't have to be controlled by my ass of a father. That I don't have to cow-tow to people that I have nothing but contempt for.

  • Occasionally a woman needs a good beating. It happens. You have to keep them in line or they'll ruin your entire life.

  • I Agree with you. I slap my wife at least once a week . And he respect me more.

  • Normal peeps would know dat it is very wrong. now you have a chance to be hit back by your wife and also arrested..................puls go learn your grammar ,,,,,,you have grammatical errors

  • You don't hit women, no matter how p***** off they make you. ^^

  • Not true. That's just for the appearances

  • I've been married 8 years, and I've wanted to slap her a few times. Always when she is nagging or criticizing me too much. One time, I got home from work, and she literally didn't let me get both feet in the door before telling me I had done something wrong. I had to turn around, get back in my car, and drive around for awhile to keep myself from hurting her.

  • Seriously, there are times when a woman just won't shut the f*** up, no matter what you say, so when that happens you will occasionally have to MAKE her shut the f*** up. No biggie.

  • sometimes.........you just gotta get a b****'s attention....

  • It wasn't due to the alcohol. It was due to your being a piece of crap.

  • Just like OP got yours

  • You are a certified abuser now,lol. Man,apologise,attend counseling,make sure you dont repeat it. hope she does not call cops on you and divorce your ass

  • I wouldn't be too h****** yourself. A slap is a slap. When we're children we slap and pull each other's hair all the time. It's bad that it happened, but if you're going to dwell over it, dwell on how to avoid such a situation again, and maybe talk to your wife about signs that the conversation you're both having isn't one you're ready to deal with in the moment. Not saying that you're not to blame, and there is never an excuse for violence, but it takes two to tango.

    They say a slap, when stripped of its violence, is more intimate than a kiss.

  • "They say a slap, when stripped of its violence, is more intimate than a kiss." If only one could test that theory on you. Children grow up. You ought to try the same.

  • This made me laugh ,but it is sadly true

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