If I weren't fat, I'd be a freak in bed

If I weren't over weight, I'd be a freak in bed. Me being self conscious about my weight makes me hold back. I refuse to go ontop because they have a perfect view of my fat tummy and such. So I just like to lay on my back and suck in....I'm such a freak in my mind, and I wanna do a bunch of crazy erotic things, but me being self conscious won't let me do that. :(

Jun 24, 2014

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  • I recommend watching amateur p***. Once I saw REAL women being confident and freaky in bed I started to realize I didn't look as bad as I thought in my head.
    I also agree with others responses. If you have him in the sack, that's half the battle. Leave the baggage at the door and let your freak flag fly!!!

  • If you think sucking in your gut hides it, it does not. If he is f****** you, you turn him on. If your on top working it good, he could care less what you look like. He may grab your t***, may suck and kiss them and you.
    Give him a mind blowing f*** and shake that plump ass of yours. I bet he will love it.

  • If you want something, you're never going to get it if you stay silent. Big or small is irrelevant. It's much worse to pretend to be something you're not. Toss it out there, the worst he can say is no (and chances are, if he cares about you and your needs at all, he'll just smile and nod).

  • Honey, if the man is with you, he knows you are a bit chubby, he probably loves that. Next time ask him what position you two should do nxt. I guarantee he will surprise you!

  • Please tell all the wild & crazy things u want to do!

  • Do what you want baby, lots of guys are turned on by big girls. And, all guys are turned on by adventurous girls who want to be a freak, especially when that girl is aready in bed with them and ready to go. No matter what the size, there isn't anything sexier and hotter than a willing and interestd partner. Go for it - you are sexier than you think!

  • I'm assuming that you are a male. Listen up, don't worry about your size and weight. Most of your weight is used by your elbows holding you up. If she is willing, give it to her. Too many men worry about the size of their d***. The others brag but are also lying. I always said, if you can satisfy her with your tongue you d*** has to be larger. So, forget your hold backs and go have a ball!

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