I hope that this fourth of july

I hope this fourth of July will be peaceful but the way things are shaping up it wont be, My house is again going to be the place for a holiday party, Then after wards there is a trip up to watch fireworks up at the lake. I found out about a plan my father has to have several of his friends and their sons, Before the party begins I am to be subdued and taken out to someplace and stranded. Now that I know I have tried to cancel the party, My wife told me it is to late to change the plans, so I informed the sheriff and metro what I will do when the first person that lays a hand on me to extract me from my home, They are asking everyone to calm down, my father said we were not going to hurt him it is just a joke we want to play on him but he has not got a sense of hummer. We will go pick him back up after everything is finished no harm no fowl, but he says that for us trying to play a joke he would take that thing he can fight with and run a man through for a simple joke, can you not see he is insane, the sheriff said I can see a person that is not trying to be in any way concerned about a crippled son. Want him out of sight and out of mind, We can't do anything until you try this plan, we wont stop your son from protecting his rights, I hope that there wont be violence but at any point he feels threatened he can and I know your son he will fight until his last breath. I hope you are prepared because we will be. My father walked out crying.
Should I give in to his wish's and leave to prevent trouble, or should I protect my rights, stand up to the will of my father and his friends?
Because I have no feeling in my legs should I give up what life I have left to the will of others?
I ask other people to put some input as to what you would do?

Jun 28, 2014

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