Ex Wife

My ex wife is a s***. She became one after we divorced. She has gotten pregnant by four different guys, and she is not sure who of them are. My current wife doesn't know that I am f****** my ex again.

She is into yoga, in amazing shape and has two different black boyfriends plus me. I love the fact that she f**** these guys bareback.

My wife called her a s*** then asked what guy woild find that hot I told her I did. She said, o ypu want me to get prgnant by a bunch of different guys? I told her that I found that very sexy.

She was p*****, but I hope she will start f****** other guys

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  • My current wife is a prude. Honestly, I'd much rather be married to a s***. I wish I'd realized that four years ago, before I met this woman who won't or can't give up the p****, much less the ass.

  • A woman like your ex needs to add one more tattoo. A big one. In a prominent place on her body. Something of a size and position that it's visible no matter what she's wearing. And this is what the tat image needs to be......a skull and crossbones. Because the b**** is deadly, infectious and toxic. And the world needs to know that before the world unzips its pants to stick its c*** in her polluted body. She's not just a mere w****. She's a hazard.

  • If she's barebacking all those guys, you're going to get STDs. Unless, of course, you already have all of them.

  • Incurable diseases are so totally not sexy.

  • both your exwife and your current wives are whores. thats not sexy. dump them both and get a real wife instead of these s****.

  • "4 pregnancies"? I assume that means she didn't give birth to children. She is a prime example why HIV and abortion are so prevalent in the black community. Even if she isn't black herself, she could easily be spreading her diseases to you and the other black men stupid enough to f*** her without a condom.

  • ^ Ditto ^ and amen!! This situation has the letters "STD" written all over it.

  • totally. its not goingto seem so sexy when your d*** is rotting and its about to f****** fall off..

  • Miley Cyrus? That's a man, baby!

  • my first wife was a s*** too. its why i divorced her sick ass.

  • they are all b******

  • Why would anybody want to be with a ho?

  • theres really nothing sexy about how much of an embarrassment your ex has become or how many diseases shes probably contracted or how many of those shes passed along to you

  • I wonder how many of these are written by the same person?

  • Mind your own business a******!

  • F*** you! I'm sick of these f****** losers and their bullshit!

  • So don't read the s*** then!

  • ^ all of the above written by the same a****** ^

  • Much like most of this post, what's your point?

  • wtf?

  • shes a w****,,,,andwhats worse is shes a worthless c*** of a niggerfucker,,,,,your going to catch sometheng from her that pinicilin wont cure----you need to stop fucken that nasty s***,,,,,,,,GO home

  • i dont even get this.....why havent you already divorced the new wife and gone back to the ex?

  • lucky man.........

  • You were her husband, so you are in a better position to know than anybody: Why did she make such a dramatic change in attitude, liifestyle and morality? Any ideas or theories at all?

  • s***.....why cant i find a woman like this?

  • I think I'm in love with your ex. I can't imagine why you aren't.

  • Your new wife is superfluous. Dump her and go back to the first one. Do it today, before somebody else gets her.

  • UPDATE My wife asked me what was so hot about her and whats so special, I told her to go to her nude yoga class and find out. I was amazed that my wife went to the class. She had never seen her before in person.

    She was telling me how great the exs wife's body is. She was commenting on my exs tattoos, nipple and c*** piercings. At first it was all she's a s***, but then she realized how hot it is and made comments like, now I know why you think about her.

    My ex asked if my wife attended and I told her she did. My ex said she thought she saw the wife there. My ex asked if she would go again, she would like to seduce her for a FFM threeway. I said with me and she says, no with Damon my bbc silly. She teased, wouldn' it be hot for ypur new wife and ex to be pregnant from the same bbc?

    After I got home I talked my wife into going.

  • I think the next 3 replies are written by the same person.

  • huh??

  • You definitely totally absolutely need to divorce the second wife and go back to the first. She is prime now, and she's overheated, and she's filthy, and she's fertile. Re-marry her, let her continue her sexual rampage, and reap all the rewards of being married to the hottest and nastiest woman around! Your current wife is NOTHING compared to the first one. You are sooooooooo f****** lucky to have this option!! Don't let it slip away from you!!! If you don't marry her, somebody else will. YOU KNOW THAT'S TRUE!!!!

  • OMMFG! Four pregnancies, and no clue who the father was???!!???? That may be the hottest thing I've ever read. It's also possible that you are involved with the hottest woman ever!! I love the fact that she's an equal opportunity s***! Ya gotta admire that s***!!!

  • ^^ditto^^. dude your ex is the f****** bombay

  • It's plenty hot enough just to be having s** with the ex that way and that much, but the best thing of all --- and the sexiest thing of all --- is all the pregnancies! And by all the different fathers!!! I mean, DAMN!!!!!!!

  • filthy...........luv it!!


  • I was f****** both my current and ex girlfriends last summer.I wanna start f****** my ex again this summer.Its so sexy.

  • Definitely. You really have to do that if you have the chance. God that is so hot. Jealous!

  • Agreed^^. My ex-husband and I are having a f****** WILD affair outside of our new marriages, and it's the very best thing either of us have ever done. The s** is better than it ever was and it just....keeps....getting....better.

  • theres realy nothing better than s** with the ex. nothing.

  • Your current wife is not going to become a s***, and you should give up on converting her. Focus instead on the ex, devote yourself to her, and let her know you are doing that. She will love knowing that she's getting more than your wife is getting.

  • I have to admit.......I find it super sexy, too.

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