Bi crossdressing husband

I've been married for almost 10 years. My wife travels 5-15 days per month. I believe this may be the one reason we are still married because this allows me to live and fulfill my crossdressing and my sexual fantasy fulfillment. When she is away I usually host either 1 of my 7 regular lovers or one-nighters. We have a good s** life my wife and I but since I was in junior high I love wearing woman's clothing. I dress in all manners and modes and become a submissive femme sissyfaggot. My wife has called me many times while one or more lovers are having their o***** in me or on me. I love black men. My best night ever was when I invited 16 black men over. They all came over and for the next 10 or more hours I was subjected to the most violent, brutally cruel and humiliating sexual encounter of my life. In addition to the black n blue marks, bruises, scars, permanent ink marker tattoos confirming my love of big black penises; everyone barebacked me all night long. My wife's and my bedroom was covered in sperm and I ingested and was filled with more than I've seen or felt in my entire life. I called out sick to work the next day and laid in our bed in all that sexual filth and still want it to happen again. I've picked my wife up at the airpor many times wearing panties under my clothes with reminants of one of my lovers having s** with me. I know it's only a matter of time until I get caught, but I don't care about the consequences. Married or divorced I will still dress as a woman and be a w**** to as many men as I can


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  • I would love to dress

  • Just do it, it feels so good and arouses me as soon as i slip into a pair of pretty panties love how feminine it makes me feel and how much I love the whole process - shave my legs and douche, do my hair, makeup while I’m panties, bra and stockings. My clitty begins to ache and make my panties wet. Then i finish checking my hair and makeup in front of my wife’s mirrors and slip into a pair of sexy high heels and admire how much I love how my legs and ass look pumped up. knowing my lover will like it too later and proceed to slip a d**** up my ass while I coo in pleasure telling myself how pretty n sexy I look as I take my 8” d**** with ease. I click the vibe on how and watch myself prance about in front of the mirrors talking dirty to myself till I cannot take it anymore I barely toich my little clitty through my panties and have a earth shattering o*****. I finish up trying on a few outfits to see which one I love most and know will get a man’s attention all while my d**** is deep in me. After I settle on my outfit I call my wife, if she only knew how much of a sissy f***** I am.

  • Sound fun

  • Super hot. I feel guilty about it but I don't come home on Fridays after work about every six months. I dress and go to video arcades. I've been f#%+£d by as many as six men and gave oral to nine more. I know some people will doubt our numbers but its the truth. I think we should both keep on making men happy.

  • Do you like to wear nylons

  • Oh yes love how silky smooth they feel on my legs. If they are pretty garter stockings or thigh highs and excite my men, all the better

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