My wife's other life

My wife is 35 and she wanted to live her fantasy. After 12 years of marriage. She start to date black men for few months and one of her lovers took her to vacation to a private resort in Las Vegas for few weeks and when she came back , my wife had changed to a black **. She lusts after young tall black men. She meet this young guy who she fell for many reasons. He moved in with us and she knew that he was it for her deep secret. A few nights while we were in bed and her lover left to visit his family .my wife told me that felt different and her body was changing internally. She never felt it before nir with our two kids. She got sick and notice something but she was more glowing. I took her to her doctor after few hours they told us she is five months pregnant. She had no idea

Mar 19
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  • Post your real names, your first,middle and last names and stop being a white ** boy and take back your wives and second this is why you will always need prenuptial no matter how cruel it would be, this is why i would never get married nor date any one until they signed two versions of a prenuptial, which has cruel consequences, and the consequences would be this:

    if one half of the couple cheats on the other half, then both parties must undergo physical baby making removal surgery, it doesn't matter if the wife/girlfriend and/or husband/boyfriend cheats first or not, if caught they both undergo the surgery no ifs ands or butts about it. if they don't like that rule of mine,

  • Ilovethesestories

  • Some guys dont real know that a woman is with a alfa black man with his huge ** , it changes a woman internal and that black seed in them are very strong and it wont have other non black men in there lives . my sister dating black guy for few years but it ended and she meet this white guy and later they got married but it took them a long time to get preganat and she did it was hard for her and my nephew came out with some health issues. my sister told me never to mention to my brother in law that she was with black men when she was in college. my mom at 50 when she divorce from my dad and was single for two years meet a black man and dat for few months and later she got pregnant by him. knowing she couldnt have kids after my sister back in the 70s of health issues. it was surprise for her and the family . but the babies came out health and beauitful.

  • What I would like to hear is that she invited her lover home and had you wait on them like a maid servant , address him as sir and obey any orders he gave yoiu

  • Her body was changing all right. He rearranged her insides and planted within her a beautiful baby

    She is one lucky woman

  • Yes , the baby came out beautful and health , the baby name after my wife silvia who loves her more than her other kids , that i dont understand but they are doing fine . my wife had twins about two years ago with her two lovers and the twins have different fathers , i guess since she did DP with both of them once in her ** . the babies made her change her body more. the babies are now 4 years old since then she stop being with black men and we try to have a baby but she doesnt get pregnant. we are still trying but she still wants to rest afer few years of ** and doing black men .it real change her in everything . the baby fathers are not in there lives but im there father and happy .

  • BBC does change a woman. That big ** changes the geometry of their sexual organs. It makes it to where only a man with the ability to penetrate very deeply can impregnate her.

    It’s God’s way of evolving woman in such a way that only the most dominant and best ** partners win.

    Not to mention women lose the desire copulate with less endowed, less satisfying and inferiorly equipped partners

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