Best friends still?

Okay this is not really a confession but kind of is. So about 2 years ago I moved. I was 5 hours away from my best friend, she actually cried when I told I was moving. My best friend and I have been friends for pretty much our whole lives and have never managed to get in a fight.m For about almost 6 months we stayed really close, we texted each other, facetimed, I would go see her on my breaks. We went camping together as well. Typical best friend stuff. So after the trip I was looking at her Social media and there was this girl that hated me (my best friend didn't like her either) all over her feed and all the captions were beat friends. Then the girl posts a picture of these best friend matching pillows. And my best friend (bf) says we totally need these. Then I comment an inside joke on a picture and she actually had a spasm at me. We hadn't talked after that. I kept trying to text her but she ignored me for weeks. Then one week she had a problem and kept me up all night so she could fix things with her ex and get her crush to date her. Also I always send her stuff of my life cuz we promised to do that and she got really mad. But my new friends got made at her so jokes on her. She blocks me on a social media. And she won't have contact with me in any way except for her problems. So should I still consider her my best friend. I'm not really sure I do because one of my new friends is a way better friend then she'll ever be.

Jul 7, 2014

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  • Social media hurts people's feelings and can potentially ruin all sorts of relationships/friendships. First you guys are still friends. Maybe things are a little strained right now, but sounds like a conversation could patch things up. One test of a true best friend, is that you can go weeks/months without talking to one another and when you finally speak it's as if no time has passed. So are you still best friends? Sure..Believe it or not, you can have more than one best friend. And best friends can change over the course of your life time. Of course, if the friendship is no longer working for you, that's within your right to walk away. But this one sounds like it's certainly changing and growing. Not being on social media isn't a bad thing. It sounds like her feelings were getting hurt. And maybe she's just jealous or really misses you. So maybe hold off on sending her stuff. If you want to stay in contact with her..use the phone or email. It's nicer to hear a person's voice, rather then texting. Obviously, she still wants you in her life or she wouldt be calling you for your advice. But still she shouldn't only be using you to help her with her problems, that seems a bit one-sided. So maybe straighten that out..And with regards to your new friends making fun of her, I hope you stood up for her. That wasn't nice of them to do that. Your new friends and old friends should understand that there is room in your life for everyone. So there's no room for either group from hating on each other. And you should definitely not encourage that. They don't all have to get along or like one another..but they have to understand and respect that you have other friends.

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