different this time..........

been married 12 yrs in october. have cheated on her several times but never fell for any of them......it was always just s**. some normal and some superfreaky. then last month i met this transsexual and started dating her. at first it was just cuz it was new and cuz the s** was incredible.......but now i cant do without her and i'm total addicted to the s** and she uses that hunger i have for her and her body to get what she wants out of me. i want to be in her and i want her to be in me every day i just cant get enough and i want more and more every day. i have even started thinking about divorcing the wife and leaving the family behind and moving with the new g/f to a state where me and her can get married legally. i have never felt this before either in s** or in my head. this t-girl is all i want and all i ever want. i dont know even know what to do.

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  • That is odd that you fell for a tranny, I say stay put, but you need some serious help. If you are having unprotected s** then shame on you for putting your wife in harms way.

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