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Im 27 years old now and I feel like I had My fun as a single woman. I live by my self, got a good paying job, and have plenty saved up in the bank. Now I feel ready for motherhood, and 3 months ago i went out to search for a one night stand who fits my preference. I live in pennsylvania so finding a hunk in the country side wasn't too hard. he was cute, toned, very tender loving so safe to say I'm now 3 months in pregnancy and i feel happy, i dont need a man for support physically mentally or finically and i doubt the guy knows about his own upcoming child, but if i see him in the future ill tell him about the situation, i want to be an only parent but if he wants to see his kid and be a father im fine with that, maybe he'll give me another kid if he decides to visit.

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  • I sure would love to find a woman who thinks and acts like you.I wish you the very best in your pregnancy and birth and thereafter. I hope you find that guy again when you are ready to have a second child. Thanks for sharing.

  • Children can be very demanding and raising one on your own can be challenging. I hope you have friends and family nearby you can call on for support. Also, be aware that at some point they will have questions about their father, be prepared for that conversation.

  • With your atrocious English skills, I find it hard to believe that you are successful.

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