This is weird

A while ago, my first rabbit died. A day after I got a new rabbit, but things are weird.
I hate her. She's an amazing rabbit. She's sweet, she's nice, bur I absolutely hate her. And I have another confession to make while I'm at it. When my dirst rabbit was sick, I knew I was going to get her if he died. I wanted him to die. I feel guilty because I am pretty sure it's because I wanted him to die so I could get a new rabbit, or I should've noticed he was sick in the first place. The last thing I said to him was see you tomorrow, and he died before I got home. I want to like my new rabbit, but I hate her. Why do you think I hate her?

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  • You are psycho and should kill urself before you hurt other people and animals

  • Please dont hate her, this little rabbit relies on you & it's not her fault. Some things happen for a reason, your first rabbit wouldn't want you to feel guilt he will always have a place in your heart.

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